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BT Calling ₹100 OFF ON BIG100
Wave Call 2
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹6,999

79% off

1.83" HD Display Crest OS+ 700+ Active Modes
BT Calling
Wave Sigma
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹7,499

80% off

2.01" HD Display 700+ Active Modes 100+ Watch Faces
AMOLED Display
Lunar Connect Pro
Sale price₹4,299 Regular price₹10,999

61% off

700+ Active Modes Bluetooth Calling ASAP™ Charge
BT Calling
Lunar Call Pro
Sale price₹4,299 Regular price₹6,990

38% off

ASAP™ Charge 700+ Active Modes 260mAh Battery
AMOLED Display ₹300 OFF ON BIG300
Ultima Chronos
Sale price₹2,799 Regular price₹8,999

69% off

700+ Active Modes BT Calling 100+ Watch Faces
BT Calling
Xtend Call Plus
Sale price₹2,299 Regular price₹8,499

73% off

1.91" HD Display ENx™ Algorithm Bilingual
BT Calling
Ultima Call Max
Sale price₹2,499 Regular price₹8,499

71% off

100+ Watch Faces 100+ Sports Modes 10 Days of Battery
AMOLED Display 🎉 New Launch
Primia Curv
Sale price₹2,999 Regular price₹8,999

67% off

700+ Active Modes BT Calling Watch Face Studio
₹15 off on UPI payments (Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm)

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