Smart Got Good Looking: boAt Storm Pro Smartwatch is Here to Kick a Storm

Smart Got Good Looking: boAt Storm Pro Smartwatch is Here to Kick a Storm

For long, the best smart watches for men and women all over the world have grown comfortable with their size, functionalities and aesthetics. The result? Cookie cutter models that look, wear, and perform the same. Now, we don’t believe in that at all at boAt.

Hey, good looking! 

We all love, luv, LOVE when our favourite things in life return in a bigger, better avatar, don’t we? Whether it’s your favourite superhero movie, favourite cup of coffee...or your favourite smart watch. 

Batman Begins was great. And then The Dark Knight rolls in? Sick!

A Grande cup of White Mocha Frappuccino? Nice. A Venti cup of White Mocha Frappuccino? G.O.A.T.

boAt Storm – very likely our best smartwatch under 3000 ever? Irreplaceable. boAt Storm Pro? Wait...what? 👀👀

Yeah, we’re not kidding. Just kicking up a storm...because your favourite smartwatch is back in town, and back to steal your heart dawning one of the most impressive smartwatch aesthetics we’ve crafted so far... 

Well, Smart Just Got Good Looking 

“Hey smart voice assistant, show us the most good-looking smartwatch!”

Smartphone screen proceeds to flash the boAt Storm on the screen.

“We said, the most GOOOOD looking smartwatch...”

Smartphone pulls up boAt Storm Pro on the screen.


Don’t mind us! We were just confirming how kickass the new boAt Storm Pro is. 

The All-New boAt Storm Pro - The Best Smartwatch Under 3000

For long, the best smart watches for men and women all over the world have grown comfortable with their size, functionalities and aesthetics. The result? Cookie cutter models that look, wear, and perform the same. Now, we don’t believe in that at all at boAt. What we do believe in is kicking up a storm and upping our game as our boAthead family ups its smartwatch game. 

Best Smartwatch Under 3000

This is where we have made sure that #SmartGotGoodLooking with the all-new boAt Storm Pro – the perfect match for fans of our Storm series and connoisseurs of the most visually-stunning smartwatches in town. 

Bigger display. More vibrant screen. Faster performance. And more features than you can even imagine. Beautiful, right? Let’s take a dip in the eye of the storm... 


1.78 inches Always-On AMOLED display – Our Largest One Yet

Good looks matter. Indulge in your everyday with the largest display in the segment – a 1.78 inch full touch high sensitivity screen crafted to perfection for the snappiest experience. Immerse in every little detail better than ever with our boAt Storm Pro AMOLED display smartwatch that boasts a 70% screen-to-body ratio. The cherry on the top? An always-on display so that you never miss a thing. 

Best Smartwatch Under 3000


Vibrant. Vivid. Vast. What Else Do You Want?

With 335 ppi pixel density, get stunning visual clarity you’ve rarely seen before even in the best smart watches for women and men around. boAt Storm Pro also boasts a 2.5D curved display with 70% RGB colour gamut and HD resolution to bring alive your smartwatch world in an even more pristine way. 

As if that wasn’t enough, get ready to rake in complements with the Storm Pro’s premium metal body design and uber cool skin-friendly silicone straps – perfect for your work or outdoor look. But wait...let’s throw in 100+ Cloud-based watches faces in the mix to give you full freedom to flaunt the look that floats your boat.  


60 Hz Refresh Rate – A Storm Has Never Felt This Smooth

Glitchy, jittery displays and ‘good-looking’ never made much sense. A smartwatch that lags will never be smart enough. Which is why we promise a butter-smooth capacitive display with 60hz refresh rate for the most epic, satisfying performance and UX. 

Best Smartwatch Under 3000


700+ Active Modes to Kick Up a Storm in Whatever You Do

A new best smart watch under 3000 in the town, we say? Don’t take our word for it – just get ready to make serious moves with 700+ Active Modes that track and monitor each and every passion you hold fiercely close to your heart. 

As India’s first smartwatch that provides and tracks 700+, you will know exactly where your calories – whether you are laughing, binge-watching, performing ballet or throwing a frisbee, shredding the guitar or boxing for fun, eating or even snuggling. Every move you make counts...and Storm Pro counts every move you make. 


Your Own Health Ecosystem – Because Looking Good Comes From Feeling Good 

A good-looking watch that elevates your good looks and health? Count us in! Welcome to the world of boAt Crest app, available on Storm Pro, where you can create custom fitness plans, build a gang of fitness buddies and your own personal wellness crew, and even earn fun rewards and badges on the go by acing your fitness goals. 

Best Smartwatch Under 3000


Live Cricket Score Tracking – Follow Your Passion Right From Your Wrist 

Let no boundary, wicket and the sound of champions pass by without you knowing. boAt Storm Pro lets you get into the heart of action with live cricket score tracking that will get you pumping the air or jumping the joy every now and then!


Track Your Wellness Like a Pro

When you wear a Pro, you become a Pro. Get your hands on the latest wellness tracking tools that help you keep stress at bay and your sleep and health always on the right way! boAt Storm Pro features a 24-hour heart rate monitor, real-time SP02 monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary and menstrual cycle alerts, and guided breathing and meditation tools, making it the perfect companion that takes care of you!


Chase New Storms with An Adventure-Ready Smartwatch

With a Storm Pro on your wrist, the next adventure can never be that far away! Jump right in without a care in the world, thanks to boAt Storm Pro’s incredible IP68 Dust, Sweat & Splash Resistance and up to10-days of single-charge battery life that juices up to the max in just 30 min of ASAP Charge. 

And while you never run out of steam on the road, stay alert with what’s coming up, thanks to daily and weekly weather forecasts. Surely one of the best smart watches for men and women who looooovee the outdoors! 


Smart Controls So That You Stay in Control – Always 

boAt Storm Pro is all about the rush of freedom – freedom to control your favourite music or even the smartphone camera with a single tap. Or the freedom to peep at all your important call, text and social media notifications on the AMOLED display smartwatch. Even the freedom to respond to them with quick replies. Rad!

So, who is ready to kick up a Storm...Pro? Being ‘smart’ was never this good-looking. Check out the all-new boAt Storm Pro today!

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