boAt Best Calling Smartwatch Which is better: Primia vs boAt Wave Connect

But there was a problem with mobile phones, as well! You couldn’t keep ‘em tied to your wrist 24*7 which eventually led to phones being lost or people not finding ‘em at the right time.

It’s the 1800s and people are writing letters to each other. Letters that may take days or even months to reach the recipient. If it is too urgent, they send wires, which again, is a time consuming procedure.

Uncool, right?

That’s what a few people thought who then went on to change the dynamics of communication forever. 

Soon enough, later in time, telephones were invented. Later then, these telephones were modified further and further until we had what we called— a mobile phone. 

While these inventions & experiments were on, the one thing that clouded the mind of the OG inventors was– convenience. 

But there was a problem with mobile phones, as well! You couldn’t keep ‘em tied to your wrist 24*7 which eventually led to phones being lost or people not finding ‘em at the right time.

This got people thinking…

Hmm… wrist… 24*7…calling…

Can you connect the dots, boAthead?

Well yes! A calling smartwatch! What a perfect solution! 

A smartwatch with calling function can solve this problem in a jiffy while also taking care of everything else for you!

So there, you have it. 

From letters to bluetooth calling smartwatch, we surely did come a long way.

But, one thing is extremely important. While a calling smartwatch is not difficult to find in the market anymore, you still do have to be careful in picking the best calling smartwatch out there.

Eh? Why the panic? Just WHAT are we here for? :)

boAt has recently launched its bluetooth calling smartwatch!

  • boAt Primia 
  • boAt Wave Connect

  • When boAt launched its first ever Bluetooth calling smartwatch, the market went crazy!

    No, really. All people wanted to do was bag the newest member ASAP.

    But, with more than one calling feature smartwatch, it gets a tad bit difficult to trace, right?

    No worries! Just like every mother with more than one child says she doesn’t have a favourite, so is true with us! Let’s get right down to know boAt’s two calling watches.

    Make Your Wrist Ring with Watch Primia Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

    Let’s start with the first smart watch with calling feature that boAt brought into existence – Watch Primia. 


    Here is what happened:

    We were sitting and writing a blog for you, normally, while sipping our tea slowly & listening to “Beach House” on Stone 1200. It is then when we were handed the sample of boAt Primia & OH. MY. GOD.

    When we tried its calling feature, we were taken aback! We kid you not, boAthead, this calling smartwatch with a 1.39” AMOLED Display really took us by surprise. The call was so smooth & clear to & fro, even we couldn’t believe it. The in-built mic & speaker works efficiently, making it one of the best calling smartwatch out there in the market. 

    Let’s see what else Watch Primia has to offer:

    1. 7 day battery backup
    2. 1.39” AMOLED Display
    3. Bluetooth Calling
    4. Voice Assistant
    5. 24*7 Health Monitoring 

    Make this smartwatch with calling function– Watch Primia yours at just 4,499/-

    Wave Connect - Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with AMOLED Display

    As the name suggests, Watch Wave Connect connects you to whomsoever you want, right through your wrist! This 1.69” HD Display bluetooth calling smartwatch hits right in the spot with its 60+ sports modes. Wave Connect– smartwatch with calling feature is more than what meets the eye. 


    The in-built Alexa will let you control everything in a jiffy! Ask for weather reports, set reminders, ask questions, your calendar, you name it & you’ll have it! This for people who hate wasting a second on anything will be the best calling smartwatch! 

    Let’s dig in more, shall we?

    1. 1.69” HD Display
    2. Built-in Alexa
    3. 100+ Watch Faces
    4. Sedentary Updates
    5. 60+ Sports Modes

    Bag the calling smartwatch Wave Connect at just 2,999/-

    To have a better understanding of which would be the best calling smartwatch for you, let’s compare ‘em parallely. 


    Watch Primia

    Watch Wave Connect 

    Calling feature smartwatch

    Calling feature smartwatch

    1.39” AMOLED Display

    1.69” HD Display

    11 Active Sports Modes

    60+ Sports Modes

    IP67 Sweat & Dust Resistance

    IP68 Sweat & Dust Resistance

    Phew! That really was a task.

    I am sure we were able to pull it off quite nicely, eh?

    *pats on the back*

    We hope this cleared your dilemma & you’re more fixed on buying the perfect smart watch with calling feature. 

    Always happy to help!

    Ciao boAthead.