Iconic meets Iconic: boAt & DC Comics Join Hands to Get Super Amazing Product Range

Iconic meets Iconic: boAt & DC Comics Join Hands to Get Super Amazing Product Range

DC Official Merchandise from boAt | DC Comics. Best audio products in Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman skins. Lay your hands on these cool Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones, and ear buds.

Oh! So you are here. Now that you are here, it is legit for us to assume that you must have searched for boAt, DC, or DC official merchandise. And that, you are interested in either of the two — DC Comics or boAt products. But, have you wondered what would happen if boAt and DC came together? What would their kids look like?

When two forces of cool come together, their fusion’s gotta be SUPER COOL!

So here it is, official DC Comics merchandise from boAt. boAt and DC have come together to get your favourite products re-dressed in Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman skins.

Here, let’s have a look at what super stuff the two brands have come up with.

When Power of Sound Matches the Power of DC Comics heroes

Stone 190 — Bluetooth Speaker

Superman Edition Bluetooth Speakers

The most powerful in the entire collection, the Stone 190 has the power of Superman, good looks of Batman and relentless sturdiness of Wonder Woman. Powered by a 52mm dynamic driver, this speaker churns out a punch of 5W. With sound matching the power level of Superman, you are in for a super immersive experience. But then what’s a speaker that does not look pretty. Taking its traits from both the batman and boAt, this bluetooth speaker is as fancy and flamboyant in its style as Bruce Wayne. And it’s known to every DC comics fanatic that Wonder Woman can go toe to toe with even Superman and can take on anything that is thrown at her. Well, so can Stone 190 which is also in the uber cool Wonder Woman skin with its IPX7 Water Resistance. It pretty much goes without saying that this cool DC merch is the perfect partner to power up your cosplay meetups with its super powerful sound and ultra cool looks.

The Fan Favourite Dons a New Cape 

Airdopes 131 — Wireless Earbuds

Wonder Woman Edition Earbuds - Airdopes 131

One thing common between the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Airdopes 131 is that they are all fan favourites. The coolest top seller becomes all the more cool when it comes as a DC official merchandise. Stay connected like the team up of the Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman with bluetooth 5.0. It also comes with Batman level crazy shit tech like Insta Wake n’ Pair that makes this hero of a Airdopes connect to your device as soon as you open the lid of the case. With 13 mm drivers whose power can be compared with a blow frome Superman, this pair of earbuds will give you the real boom of music. Wear these feather light earbuds and fly into the musical world of your amazing playlist.

A Partner Worthy of Founding Members of the Justice League

Rockerz 450 — Bluetooth Headphones

Superman Edition Bluetooth Headphones - Rockerz 450

The power trio of the Justice League have found their match after tagging with boAt. 40mm drivers on either side like the power duo of Superman and Wonder Woman, and a battery backup as heavy as Batman's bank balance, the collaboration with DC Comics has brought about formidable sound force to be reckoned with. Rockerz 450 reprised in the colours of the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will surely be the coolest thing you own. Get going and listen to the boom and pow all the more clearly as you binge these superhero shows for 15 hours non-stop with these bluetooth headphones.

It’s God Damn Batman

Airdopes 441 Pro — Batman Earbuds

Batman Edition Earbuds - Airdopes 441 Pro

Who is the coolest of them all? It is god damn Batman. This new DC merch covered in some badass batman graphic is the one to drool for. Don’t believe us. Look for yourself in the photo. These dapper ear buds with the branding of Batman and boAt shell out 150 hours of playtime. It can summon your own digital butler with a single touch. With enhanced durability of IPX5 Sweat and Water Resistance, this piece of Batman merch can go toe to toe with the man himself when it comes to enduring harsh environments.

Now, you know how cool it can get when iconic meets iconic. So go ahead and listen to the sound that inspires the hero in you and join the force of your playlist with the power of the members of the justice league.