Smart Soundbars? Yes, They Exist And You Should Really Bring ’Em Home

Smart Soundbars? Yes, They Exist And You Should Really Bring ’Em Home

Level up your media experience with a boAt Aavante soundbar.

Always been in two minds about buying a soundbar? Well, how about we add the word ‘smart’ to it? Enticing enough, now? 

If you are one of those people who have been stumped by the possibility of a ‘smart soundbar for TV’ existing, then you’ve come to the just the place. Yes, smart soundbars exist...and they are indeed as awesome as they sound (both in name and literally ;)). Soundbars are a must-have if you want to turn your TV sound up many notches. They’re cool, they’re thumping, and they’re all about turning your favourite music, shows and movies into the most memorable, life-like audio experience ever. 

But...wait for soundbars are a different beast altogether.


You: ‘So, are you saying there is an Alexa soundbar out there and I have not even heard about it?’

 Well, yes indeed. Time to make you hear about them loud and clear...

What is a smart sound bar for TV? 

Imagine your favourite soundbar and your favourite smart speaker had a baby. That’s when you get a smart sound bar for TV

A smart soundbar comprises an onboard voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa, that allows you to control it with your voice. What this essentially means is that:

  • You can change its volume and settings with voice command.
  • You can connect it to various devices with your voice.
  • You can ask it updates, news, questions and more – and it will reply back promptly.
  • You can even use the smart soundbar with Alexa or any other voice assistant to control your TV! Sorry, remote. 

You: ‘Wow! But...why don’t I just buy a smart speaker, then?’ 

Of course, you long as you are okay with your buddy Alexa not being able to hear your voice commands from far away. Or don’t really care if you can play your favourite morning jam in 120 W booming, immersive sound by uttering a small sentence as soon as you wake up. 

To us, that sounds like giving up on a lot of fun, mate. 

You: ‘So, you are saying that I can...’

  • Set the mood at home right in an instant

You get back home after a tiring day at work and collapse into your bed. You want to get up and turn your TV on or just put some nice relaxing music on, but that’s way too much effort. Luckily, for you, all a smart soundbar for TV needs is a voice command and voila! Set the vibe of your place right in an instant – that too in exceptionally immersive sound quality that no smart speaker can match. 

  • Stay on top of the game with all the latest updates

Cricket scores? Weather updates? Movie recommendations? Breaking news? A smart soundbar has got you covered. Whether its the built-in Alexa or any other voice assistant, you will get as you command as swiftly as possible. Living with a virtual buddy with an enigmatic voice who is attentive to all your demands sounds like utopia, doesn’t it?

  • Make your TV smarter

Yup, that is correct! A smart sound bar for TV brings all new voice-enabled capabilities to your TV if it doesn’t have them already, thanks to its soundbar connection. Switch between settings, volume and channels and make the most of your smart soundbar-TV combo from the future! 

  • Command your smart Alexa soundbar from every corner of your room

Gone are the days of walking up to a smart speaker and letting your wishes known to it. Guess what, a smart soundbar with Alexa lets you voice your command and activate it from any corner of the room. That’s what being bigger and better lets you accomplish!

  • Control the smart soundbar for TV right from your phone 

A smart soundbar also means smart usage. And while the good old remote will always remain useful (and lying around somewhere you can never find it, apparently!), a smart soundbar lets you control it through intuitive smartphone apps. How convenient is that?

And much, much more. 

You: ‘Where have you been all my life, smart soundbar!?’ 

Ready to enter it soon, hopefully...just keep your ears and eyes open, boAtheads 👀