Launching boAt Airdopes 121 PRO – Experience The Rush Of More As Our #BestJustGotBetter

Launching boAt Airdopes 121 PRO – Experience The Rush Of More As Our #BestJustGotBetter

The best just got better. Airdopes 121 PRO is here to flip the script.

What’s life if not a journey about getting better? No, we are not trying to throw some philosophical shade your way. It’s just something that our product development ninjas have lately started nun-chakuing us in the marketing team with when we ask them what should we write about the concept of a newly-developed product. 

Frankly speaking, we love it when they bring back some of our favourites – and, most importantly, your favourites – in a brand new avatar. After all, making the best set of boAt gadgets better is akin to releasing a sequel of a hit TV or movie series. It lights up our eyes and your eyes, and it keeps all of us buzzing. 

But this time, they are not only reskinning it. They are breathing new life into a whole host of boAt Airdopes that have kept a madcap audiophile generation of Indians hooked to their passion. Yes, your #BestJustGotBetter – and it now has a new identity. 

Presenting the snappy, new boAt Airdopes 121 PRO – an amped up avatar of one of our best earbuds under 2000 and one of your evergreen favourites from the house of boAt! How so? 40 hours of battery back-up, ASAP™️ Charge for never-ending enjoyment, Easy Touch Control (what!?), and something that boAtheads have been asking for a loooooooooong time – an LED battery indicator! 

Sounds dope, right? Let’s get right into it, then.

What’s inside boAt Airdopes 121 PRO – a PRO-level upgrade for the PRO in you? 

The best boAt Signature Sound – Now Better

If you’ve danced to the beats of Airdopes 121 before, then Airdopes 121 PRO’s signature sound will make you dance even harder. Inside lie the bombastic 10mm dynamic drivers that add to the volume and the thump – making your listening from your best earbuds always a mind-blowing experience. Pure flames, we say!

The Craziest Playback Range – Now Better

Enough with the charge-recharge cycle every few hours. Last as long as you want with boAt Airdopes 121 PRO’s stunning 40 hours of total playback. Complete discographies? Lengthy podcast sessions? Latest TV show marathons? An international flight with multiple layovers? Nah, none bother the long-lasting battery of Airdopes 121 PRO. To top it all, you 60 minutes of playback within just 5 minutes of ASAP™ Charge. Now, that’s something!

The Coolest Way To Know Battery Levels – Now Better

Forget keeping a tab on your listening session runtimes or checking the watch again and again. Airdopes 121 PRO is one of the best earbuds under 2000 to feature a dedicated LED battery indicator that lets you know how much juice it has got all the time and when you need to prepare for a quick recharge. 

The Perfect ENx™️ Technology-induced Clarity Of Sound – Now Better

Upgrading Airdopes 121’s sound quality meant adding our favourite ENx™️ Technology that subdues background noise and ensures crystal clear voice clarity across calls and conferences. Be heard – loud and clear – and never feel put off by repeated sound checks when taking a call. 

The Most Seamless Way To Switch on/off  — Now Better

Of course, boAt Airdopes 121 PRO also come equipped in a stunning case that features our trademark Wake N’ Pair Technology for hassle-free, seamless connectivity. Just pop the lid on to wake them up and plug in your wireless earphones with automatic pairing – without ever bothering to push buttons or tap on your smart device! 

The Smoothest Lag-less Experience – Now Better

Love gaming? You’d absolutely scorch your way through sessions with Airdopes 121 PRO’s BEAST™️ Mode. Designed to bring down latency to 65 ms and below, BEAST™️ is really all you need for a more seamless, reduced-lag gaming experience. 

This has been quite some journey for our Airdopes 121 series which is now reached its PRO avatar! So, what’s the delay? Get your hands on one of our best earbuds as soon as possible – because they just got better!