boAt Airdopes 131 PRO - Best Earbuds Under 2000

It's time to upgrade your Airdopes 131 to the 131 PRO and evolve to the next beast. Airdopes 131 PRO has been beefed up with better drivers, more battery life and a more robust build, to provide an even better musical experience, one that will boggle your mind.

‘Good, better, best. 

Never let it rest. 

Until good becomes better and better becomes best!’

Who else had this ‘quote’ read out to them during the school morning assemblies? Well, those fabulous boAtheads who designed everyone’s favourite boAt Airdopes – Airdopes 131 – surely have posters of this quote somewhere in their bedrooms. Or the office. Dunno. 

But let’s speak facts. There’s no one out there in the whole wide world who wouldn’t want their best to become better. Imagine unlocking a whole new level of listening experience when it comes to your favourite Spotify playlists. Or being able to upgrade on your best earbuds’ battery life so that they now rarely ever run out on you. Imagine the boAt Airdopes 131 that have been loved to the maxxx by all of you rocking boAtheads – now in a better avatar. 

Thankfully, we might have just written these feelings into existence. Because...guess what...our #BestJustGotBetter! 

You loved boAt Airdopes 131 for their magical sound supremacy or the 12 hours battery backup or all-day weightless comfort. You loved them for being the best earbuds under 2000. But you now want MORE! Because...why not? After all, you’re not just an audiophile anymore. You’re an audiophile...PRO!

So here comes...boAt Airdopes 131 PRO – an evolved version of the fan-favourite boAt Airdopes 131 that takes its best features and turns them even better. 

boAt Airdopes 131 PRO – For the audiophile PRO In You

Hey, PRO! It is indeed time to up the ante with Airdopes 131 PRO. Time to walk the talk with... 

11mm Drivers...tuned to perfection for a sound that’s more rocking than ever


    The best earbuds are the ones that sound like heaven. With boAt Airdopes 131 PRO’s astonishing 11mm drivers, rock your ears with stronger bass, higher treble, and a crisper sound that blend together for audio perfection. Spark old song favourites back to life, tune into your favourite TV shows with a grander soundscape and take your listening experience to the mooon. 

    ENx™ Noise Cancellation keep you in your audio zone without any disturbances


      You thought Airdopes 131’s sound was enough? Well, we just made it sooo muchhh betterrrr with ENx™ Noise Cancellation Technology. Yes, that’s boAt’s noise cancellation tech plus Passive noise cancellation that electronically adjusts ambient noise and cuts out unwanted sound. Traffic horns, ambient noise, chitter chatter, machine whirrings...time to say goodbye to all. Why dilute your listening experience with noise when you can ride the magic audio carpet with boAt Airdopes 131 noise-cancellation earbuds? 

      BEAST™ keep your sound seamlessly in sync with your favourite media

      Unleash the PRO gamer inside with Airdopes 131 PRO’s BEAST™ Mode – our official audio lag killer for all your favourite games and media. Now experience picture-perfect sound with reduced 65ms latency ping, and make the most of your gaming and audio-visual sessions.

      PRO Battery Life of 45 your listening sessions remain uninterrupted for the longest


      Never running out of gadget juice is the best feeling ever, right? If you are in for the loooong haul, then stay entertained with a mammoth 45 hours of battery life on your new Airdopes 131 PRO. That is almost 4X more juice than Airdopes 131 – an upgrade that you totally deserve! And what if the juice does run out? Get it back up to 60 minutes with just 5 minutes of boAt’s ASAP™ Fast Charge tech!

      IPX5 Water that you can sweat it out and ace your adventures

      If your favourite adventures and fitness goals know no boundaries, why should your choice of earbuds be stopping you? boAt Airdopes 131 PRO brings IPX5 Water resistance to the table, meaning you’ve got the perfect sweat-it-out-and-make-it-sound-good partner right here! The best earbuds that have a longevity to brag about? Sign us up! 

      Bluetooth that your favourite connection of the day remains as strong as ever

      We take out upgrades seriously, and so should you. The latest Bluetooth v5.3 connection on the new Airdopes 131 PRO ensures quick, seamless and more robust tethering to your smart device so that you get the most amazing sound quality wirelessly – no lags, no glitches!

      Easy Touch amp up your listening experience with more convenience



        Best can only get better if it can keep up with the latest swanky tech trends – and ‘easy touch controls’ is certainly one of them. Enjoy a true handsfree experience with unbridled convenience by controlling your music and sound with simple, intuitive touches on your boAt Airdopes 131 PRO earbuds. Add to that one-touch voice assistant such as Siri and Google, and we have something truly remarkable! 

        So... did we just make your day BETTER or what! 

        Time to upgrade your audiophilia and your passion with the best earbuds under 2000 – the all-new boAt Airdopes 131 PRO. Let the fun begin.