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What are some of your most iconic science-fiction moments from pop culture? Was it Mary Shelley's kind inception of this genre with Frankenstein, nearly 200 years ago? Or was it a more recent foray of the genre into our cinematic universe, resulting in the realisation of major technological innovations, like AI, AR and VR, that have become essential to our modern world today? When a science geek's imagination meets their technical know-how, science-fiction can, and already has, quite often become real-life innovations.

Megahits, the likes of Star Wars, The Terminator, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Matrix, has made pop culture a strong ally of sci-fi. If you ask us, ever since we watched Princess Leia's holographic message in Star Wars, we've been crushing quite hard over it. A few years later, Marvel watered our love for 3D holograms to grow with Iron Man's jaw-dropping holographic interface. You share this obsession, too, right?

If you nodded, we're sure you imagine at least once every year how cool it would be to really interact with holograms, don't you? 

Well, you just got lucky.

Presenting, boAt Delta smartwatch with 3D Hologram Interface.

Live Your Sci-Fi Dream with 3D Hologram UI Display



Straight from your Star Wars + Iron Man fantasy, boAt Delta comes with an epic futuristic, dynamic 3D user interface that lets you experience your world in 3D. Ciao, normal display smartwatches.

Make Your Smartwatch Match Your Style with 300+ Watch Faces



When you speak volumes with your style, why should your smartwatch lag behind? Go berserk with more than 300+ watch faces and make it speak your unique style every time. What's more? If you somehow get bored, you can download more watch faces from our boAt Wearable app.

Take More Control With 1.3" Full-Touch Round LCD Display



You want to see notifications? Okay. What about controlling apps? Done. Perhaps some music? Sure. Do everything with our colour 1.3" LCD round display that comes with a complete capacitive touch experience and responsive touch interface. Sometimes, size does matter.

Move Towards a Zen Life with Guided Meditative Breathing



Your hustle comes at a price. It demands more and more of you every day. Bigger the hustle, the greater the stress, right? Not anymore. Its guided meditative breathing lets you relax, minimise stress levels, and be more mindful. The cherry on the top? Do Not Disturb mode will silence all your notifications (except those important alarms), so you can meditate in peace.

Your Camera and Music is Now On Your Wrist



Do you have shaky hands like us but love clicking pictures? How often does it happen that you're watching that sun go down, you take out your phone and position it just at the right angle, you press the button, and bam! It's a goddamn blurry picture. Don't worry. You can control your camera with your smartwatch and capture those perfect sunsets just right. Oh, and did we say music? Yeah, everything about it too. Play, pause, switch, everything. 

Okay then, we'll quickly take your leave. We're going to nab our Delta smartwatch before it runs out of stock (yes, it is selling out super fast).

So, if you decide to buy one for yourself too, here's what you need to click
July 19, 2021

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