How to Make Your Daily Commute Fun?

It’s a haunting Monday morning. Your alarm goes off and you try to track your phone through the sound while half-asleep. Pulling your covers back, you shut the alarm off, halfheartedly. 

Ugh. It is Monday again. 

The Monday blues start kicking in and your bed suddenly becomes cozier. The struggle is real, mate. We know, we know, WE KNOW!

On top of this, travelling daily with a crowd of strangers in a hustling and bustling commute becomes a nightmare. Whether it’s a bus, metro, or office shuttle, we all know how tedious daily commuting can be. If your mode of conveyance is public transport, forget finding a seat, even breathing becomes a task! Oh, the darn crowd! Sends a shiver down our spine, for sure. 

So, our colleague started discussing this during one of our (many) tea break(s). 

“How can we make daily commuting fun, man?”

It was at that moment, friend, when all of us writers ran to our desks, for we knew what we wanted to write for you next. 

Read along, this one is dedicated to that one curious colleague and to all you lovely boAtheads.

  • Schedule Your Day Beforehand


    When you know you have a long day ahead with back to back tasks and meetings, use your commute to plan it all out and get a nice head start. Prioritize the tasks at hand, schedule your meetings, and get your hand on briefs before reaching office. This will save ample time for when you sit down and begin your day with a list that’s already prepared! No time shall be wasted in planning because guess what? Your day is already planned.

  • Don’t Rest but Relax


    Yes, okay we admit the wordplay. We are writers, after all. But what we mean is, don’t sleep at the first chance you get. Start your day on a positive note by reading something.

    Make it a habit to read one chapter of your favorite Charlotte Brontë novel or articles that suit your interest. After you’ve made it a habit, every day you will look forward to reading while commuting. 

  • Let Music Be Your SuperHero!


    “Music makes everything better!”, right? Those who agree with us, you’re our real G!!! (And those of you who come back to OUR BLOGS regularly, you’re our real OG!!!) 

    Where were we? Yes, so as we said, music does make everything better. Make a playlist with all the songs that keep you energized. Jamming to your favourite tracks every morning will pump you up and put you in your best mood. It’s even better if you have an audio partner that can drown the noise of the world momentarily with noise isolation technology, like our crazyyy noise-cancelling earbuds. Let everything else cease to exist as you enjoy a solo-party every morning before work.

  • A Podcast For Your Thoughts


    Channelize your energy in learning more about the things that interest you. You see, we are so busy in our daily lives that we often forget to feed our hungry minds. It makes us feel restless, hence we decide to push them away and carry on with our lives. It is time that we say no to this process. While you are freely commuting, pick up a podcast that you like. Whether it’s about learning the ups and downs of the stock market, understanding the dynamics of mental health, or just general interviews. Let this be the time when you feed your soul.

  • Read Our Blogs (yes, we said that)

  • As we reach the end of this article, it’s time to do the real talk. See, it’s simple (and completely logical). In the aforementioned points, we’ve done nothing but how to use your conveyance time to add value to your day (and life). Now, keep your hand on your heart and tell us: do our blogs not do that for you? We talk about everything that you like:

    • Your passion and how you can fuel it.
    • Your creative block and how you can get rid of it.
    • Your time at home and how to make it productive.
    • Insightful product walkthroughs.

    and whatnot.

    So, in hindsight, don’t you think it’ll be a good idea to pay our blogs a visit every morning?

    What’s the wait then? Why don’t we begin this from today?

    Here is one: How Lazy Bums Like Us (And You) Can Be Productive At Home

    Happy Reading, until next time!

    July 20, 2021

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