How Lazy Bums Like Us (And You) Can Be Productive At Home

Mhmm, let us take a wild guess. 🤔

You are reading this on your phone while thinking about the number of things that you have to do. Or maybe you are reading this in the middle of a boring call and you are just pretending to be listening. Are we right or ARE WE RIGHT? 😏

The pandemic shifted our work desks to our bedrooms and our lives have not been the same ever since. Honestly, working from home is great, till your kids decide to throw random tantrums in the middle of an important call or your neighbour (who is most likely building a time machine), fires up noisy machines when you are trying to work! 😤

Point being, home, where on the one hand provides a world of comfort, it also comes with many distractions! It doesn’t mean that your office had no distractions. We all loved gossiping by the water coolers or those frequent smoke breaks. 💨💨💨

But regardless of all this, we all got our work done!

However, at home, it is super difficult to stop yourself from jumping onto the bed at every chance you get! You spend most of your days lazing around in shorts and sitting in weird angles, leaving you with an achy body and a long list of pending items on your ‘to-do’ list! Wait, do you even have a to-do list anymore? Your days come and go, but what stays is the nagging feeling of unproductiveness!

Well, if that’s the case with you as well, then don’t leave yet. We have a few tricks up our sleeves which you can adopt to make your stay-at-home productive: 

Build a Morning Routine 🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️



Not to sound too cliche and all, but the start of your day has a tremendous impact on your mood and defines your productivity levels for the day! So, having a good morning routine can help you get started on the right foot! 

You can even start by getting up early and pretending that you are going to the office! This will ensure that you take a shower, eat something and then get on with your daily tasks. Otherwise, you can also make more things a part of your morning routine, like gardening, taking your dog for a walk, teasing your brain with a puzzle, and more. We bet this will get you in the right mood! 

Manage Your Time. Prioritise Your Tasks. ⏰



This is a no brainer, and we have been taught about this since our childhood. Effective time management and structuring your day in a way that has enough time and space for everything is important and can help you in ways you can’t imagine! Be it household chores, exercising, office work, taking your dog for a stroll, watching a movie, or even talking to your friends and family - having a defined time for every activity will help you not miss one while overdoing the other. Brace yourself to lead a balanced life!

Take a Break (Or Two) 👀



As much as it is important to stay active and be productive, it is also important to take some time off! Slowing down or taking a break from your schedule to do something (or not do anything) can help you cope with the abysmal mental fatigue. You can even utilize this time off to learn a new hobby or build on an existing one!
Another idea is to incentivize your tasks. For example, every time you complete a task in time, you can treat yourself with 15 mins of Rick and Morty (it’s AMAZE, you should)! This little game will keep you motivated and going! 

Make Your Workspace Work For You 🙅🙅‍♀️



Your oh-so-comfy bed or sofa is your biggest nemesis - especially when you have a long list of things that you need to do! They lure you in ways which are hard to resist! So forget about working from your bedroom!

If you really want to get done with that PPT or write that blog, go to a separate room, free from distractions! It would help if you had a workstation that is optimised to your comfort. This defined space for work and rest will help you beat the urges to take a nap every time you see your bed and prevent you from breaking your spine (SIT STRAIGHT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD).

Hasta La Vista, Distractions! 👋



Do you often open your phone to make an urgent call and end up wasting hours scrolling Instagram? Well, you are not alone! Social media can be a huge distraction! Hence, it is important to keep these distractions at bay. Moreover, too much time on the phone can be harmful for your mental health as well.

You can even put screen time restrictions on your apps. This will tell you when you have reached the limit and need to put your phone down! Or you can wear smart wearables like boAt smartwatches that can bring important reminders and notifications to your wrist and you do not have to reach out to your phone all the time! 

C’mon, go on. Conquer the world, you Queens and Kings. Don’t let easily avoidable hurdles stop you from hustling while you spend your days at home.

July 06, 2021

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