4 Kickass Gaming Audio Gear To Help You Win Matches

4 Kickass Gaming Audio Gear To Help You Win Matches

It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore gamer or a casual player. Owning a good pair of gaming headsets is crucial to enjoying your gaming experience completely.

Gamers, you are summoned by order of your favourite gaming audio gears.

It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore gamer or a casual player. Owning a good pair of gaming headsets is crucial to enjoying your gaming experience completely. 

We know the stares parents and siblings throw at us when we blast the entire house with our gaming noise. And nobody, not you, not us, nor heavygamer58, would like to be subjected to it ever again.

Don't fret. We have created a list of the best gaming headphones you can buy without making a hole in your pocket. All of the four audio gears in the list are feature-packed, making them our top picks for gaming.

Airdopes 701 ANC



Breaking away from all the rules of style and efficiency, these are exquisitely designed to deliver impactful music! It doesn't matter where you are going to use them - while sitting alone in your room or while being at a crowded and noisy place - these earbuds will always ensure that you have a blissful listening experience. They support Active Noise Cancellation for up to 30dB, ensuring that nothing comes in between you and your music! 

The Insta Wake N Pair technology allows your earbuds to seamlessly wake up and pair with your device the moment you open the case. 

The 9mm drivers blast music that is just going to blow your minds! You get boAt's signature sound that comes with thumping bass and perfect treble. 

You can switch on the BEAST mode and enjoy a perfect gaming experience as it reduces the latency and ensures that the video and audio remain in sync! 

With IPX7 Water and Sweat Resistance, stay stress-free and use them even when it's drizzling from above or while sweating during a heavy workout. It offers a combined playtime of up to 28H (with the charging case), so you never run out of your vibe. 

Airdopes 641



If you need something compact, stylish, and powerful, here's the perfect pick for you! The ultra-lightweight earbuds are easy to carry and come with a carry-cum-charge case. They provide mountainous playback of up to 30H (with the case). So, be it travel, work, workout, gaming, or anything else - you can count on these earphones to have your back throughout the day! The in-ear detection and the Insta Wake N Pair technology ensure that you do not waste any time connecting your earphones. 

The 6mm dual drivers deliver music that's rich and full of bass! The unbeatable boAt signature sound does justice to every genre of music and gives you an immersive listening experience. The bass is specifically tuned in these earbuds to provide you a thumping listening experience. 

They support a specific BEAST mode which is perfect for gamers. The bionic engine and sonic technology decoder reduces the latency to keep the audio and video in sync and ensures no out-of-sync moment in the battleground! 

The RGB LED lights set the vibe right and let you enjoy your music, high in style and sound! The IPX5 rating guards them against any accidents. 

Nirvana 1007 ANC



Enter the battlefield and forget about the chaos of the outside world with these amazing headphones. The premium finish and the classy looks of these headphones add to your vibe. It comes packed with many interesting features that make them a must-have for every gamer! 

The 40mmX2 drivers pump out punchy music that's well balanced, crisp, and clear! 

You can make your listening experience smoother with just one click - switch on the ANC mode! It blocks the outside noise and makes you forget about your ambient surroundings. And just in case you want to be aware of your surroundings while your playback is on, you also have the option to switch on the Ambient sound mode. 

The SmartWave technology allows you to gesture, swipe or tap control all the functions on the headphones. This provides a hands-free listening experience and ensures that you are always in charge! 

The impeccable construction helps you connect your device via multiple modes like, including Bluetooth v5.0. 

They offer up to 30H (without the ANC mode) of uninterrupted usage! You can keep track of the battery using the battery indicator. 

Rockerz 550



Last but not least, there's a lot to like in this over-ear wireless headset. They are comfortable, they are stylish, they are well built, and they deliver an immersive audio experience that just makes you feel like you are in the middle of whatever scene you are viewing on your screen! They are lightweight and sit comfortably over the ears. 

The 50mm dynamic drivers pump out impactful audio so that you get to hear every whisper, every footstep, and every bomb blast! Packed with a powerful 500mAh battery, you get a playback time of up to 20H! They also support a physical noise isolation feature which provides a blissful listening experience. 

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth V5.0, you can connect these headphones easily with the device of your choice. It also supports a port for AUX connectivity. 

Still reading? Well, it's time to get to ordering right now. Don't forget to invite your friends for an ultimate gaming night this weekend and show 'em who's the boss!