Introducing boAt Xtend Smartwatch – Here’s More Power to You!

Introducing boAt Xtend Smartwatch – Here’s More Power to You!

Hey there, hustler! Did you know that, on an average, people tend to think out loud the words “I deserve more!” 24 times a week? Of course, you didn’t! Because it’s a made-up stat. More or less. But that doesn’t make it any less true. 

Hey there, hustler! Did you know that, on an average, people tend to think out loud the words “I deserve more!” 24 times a week? Of course, you didn’t! Because it’s a made-up stat. More or less. But that doesn’t make it any less true. 

We all want more because we all deserve more

More salary, because you’re all work and less play these days. But also, more discount. Because no way you’ll be paying that much for that item you absolutely desire, even if it’s probably worth it. 

More dilly-dallying on your smartphone. Because you don’t want FOMO on Instagram, Tinder and Clubhouse. But also, more battery. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a smartphone, right? 

More French fries in your happy meal, because, c’mon, do we really need to explain that? But also, more abs on your summer bod (or a dream bod, whichever is true!). Because, c’mon, New Year resolutions and fitness goals! 

Most importantly, more time to do the things you absolutely love. Because a 24-hour day will never be enough. But also, more from your time-keeper i.e., that fancy little wristwatch (smart or not) you call your own! 

Because, guess what, you deserve more. More than just a pristine dial and the constant monotonous ticking. Or more than just a dim touchscreen with a heart-rate monitor. You need something more on your wrist to get your heart racing. 

Well, hustler, we might not know much about salaries, smartphones or French fries, but we definitely know a thing or two about discounts, battery life, and fitness-tracking, and, of course, the smartest smartwatch in town! 

Introducing the all-new boAt Xtend Smartwatch



Now, ask more, get more, and do more with an Alexa-enabled boAt Xtend smartwatch that will confine your phone to the pocket and let your wrist take centre-stage. With a 1.69’ complete capacitive LCD display with responsive touch, you get more control over your music and notifications. And, hey, are you ready for more fitness in your life? Because the Xtend packs a punch with insane features like Stress Monitor, Guided Meditative Breathing, and Sleep & SPO3 Monitoring. How about a new watch face every day – because Xtend has 50 of them, and counting!

More Awesomeness with Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant  



‘Alexa, what’s the live cricket score?’ Imagine your smartwatch answering that. Well, Xtend gives you the power of voice with Built-In-Alexa voice assistant that can do it all! Set reminders or alarms; get answers to your questions, or know what the weather gods have in store for you, and more! 

More ‘Cool Quotient’ with 50+ Watch Faces



Think 10 different dials on your smartwatch are cool? Xtend gives you 50 watch faces, and you can download even more from the boAt Wearables app. So, whether you wanna match it to your outfit, or the occasion, or any damn thing you like, your smartwatch will always oblige happily! 

More ‘Wow Factor’ with 1.69” big square LCD display 



Keep tapping back for more with the beautifully responsive 1.69" big square colour LCD display with a round dial and capacitive touch experience. What’s more? How about automatic screen brightness adjustment suited to the environment? Wow! 

More Wellness with Guided Meditative Breathing and Stress Monitor



One thing you absolutely do not deserve is more stress. Enter boAt Xtend with its stress monitor that reads HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities) to indicate stress levels accurately. And should the levels shoot 80, the Guided Meditative Breathing can regulate and relax you with its 3 modes: slow, normal & rapid. Set the Do Not Distrub Mode on and shush all your notifications while you meditate. Breathe in…breathe out…let your smartwatch take over!

More Functionality with Heart Rate, SPO2 and Sleep Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on your health with your smartwatch – whether it’s your heart rate, blood oxygen levels or different stages of your sleep (light, deep and awake). Want to know how healthy you are dozing off? The sleep monitor gives you detailed summaries of your sleep health, too! 

More Adventure with 14 Sports Modes and Daily Activity Tracker



Yes, you always need more adventure buddies, especially a smartwatch named Xtend. Track 14 sports modes easily: outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor running, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, cricket, hiking, pool swimming and open water swimming, yoga, rowing, elliptical, and workout. Moreover, your Xtend features automatic sports recognition for when you're walking and running. Are you game? 

More ‘Rough n’ Tough’ with 7-Day Long Battery and 5ATM Water Resistance

Enjoy 7 days of normal usage and 4-5 days of heavy usage when fully charged with a 300 mAh battery that lets you squeeze more out of your day. Dive into adventure and make a splash without a worry as the Xtend stays water resistant even under a depth of 50 m (for 30 minutes).  

More Superpowers in the Hood with Notification Alerts and Curated Controls



Life’s always happening on your wrist with Xtend. Receive all important notifications right on your watch, and never miss your calls, texts, social media alerts, sedentary & hydration alerts, and alarms again. Control your favourite music or make the most out of ‘find my phone’, DND & weather forecast features. Don’t forget to download the boAt Wave app on Google Play Store & Apple Store!

Phew! That’s a lot…said no hustler ever! All you want is more, all you deserve is more, and all you’ll get is more…with boAt Xtend Smartwatch. So, wait no more!