Decoding How Daily Workout Improves Your Mental Health

One thing we’ve always wondered about is why the hell does doctors say exercising is good for our mental health. Like seriously, out of the billion things one could do, WHY EXERCISING? 

But we were wrong. This one turned out to be more effective than we expected it to be. 

So, one of our colleagues has a theory about what she thinks might be the reason. A bit philosophical but worth listening to. You in, right?  

Okay, here’s what she said: 

The nerves in our body are like threads that connect everything to everything, right from head to toe. So when we exercise, no matter if it’s cardio or leg, it also triggers our mind to improve cognitive function and self-esteem.

This unleashed our curiosity bugs, and we thought, why not get to the bottom of it? So, after spending five hours on Google, we are here to tell you what we know:

Ka-Boom The Depression



All work and no play make Susie dull and grey. 

Whether it’s yo regular 9-5 job or a hustling startup, we know you have been working on it with sweat and blood. Sitting all day fixated at your couch without changing your position for hours has negative effects on your mood and overall mental well-being. We feel you, fam. The world starts feeling as if it’s closing down on us. Time seems like it has nowhere to go. We understand, trust us. And that’s why, we’re cheering exercising like nothing else (no, stop calling us your P. Ed teacher).

Everybody knows exercise has positive effects on our physical health. It helps to keep us in shape, lose weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and many more. But exercising is not just about aerobic capacity and physical fitness. Studies have shown that regular exercising can provide an enormous sense of well-being. People who exercise show better cognitive abilities, memory power, sleep cycle, and improved energy levels. It also profoundly impacts common mental health problems, including mild-to-moderate depression, ADHD, and anxiety. 

You wouldn’t believe it, but some people say exercising acts like anti-depressants. Want much?

Self Image Issues? Exercise To The Rescue!



There is nothing to shy away from admitting this factor. We all go through it.

Low self-confidence and low self-esteem are said to be the first signs of falling into mental illness. When you doubt yourself, that is where the real trouble begins. When you don’t feel as good about yourself, your work gets hampered. You aren’t able to give your best in anything. And then, this vicious cycle lingers on like a ghost in an abandoned house.

Exercise breaks this cycle. Daily workouts act as a pump and give you the necessary push. You feel good that you are finally doing something for yourself. You become more driven and self-motivated. The changes in your skin, stamina, and sleep cycle will boost your confidence levels. 

Focus Like The Buddha

No, don’t get too excited. In today’s world, no one can focus like the Buddha! Like, c’mon, Buddha did not have a smartphone that kept buzzing. But you do. However, this does not mean that you cannot focus at all. The past 15 months or so when we’ve all been locked up in our homes have had a more negative impact on our lives than positive. While we loved the vibe of working off our beds initially, it slowly grew on us. Being in our comfort zone while working, took away the focus and will to a large extent.

This is where Exercise is your super ninja! Exercising makes you feel good and builds a strong focus. Do you know how focused you have to be for something as simple as skipping? Exactly. Exercise helps you gather your energy and thoughts and channel them in a positive direction.

(Do you wanna know what else helps bring your focus back? Music. We never say anything without proof. Here: The Science Behind How Music Makes Your Workout Better)

Lower Stress, Higher Memory



Hello, stress, our old friend. 

Just like the sanitizers kill 99.9% of the germs and counter deadly diseases, exercising regularly acts a bit similarly by freeing your mind of stress and tension!

That is right. Working out increases your heart rate and puts you in a better mood. It works as a catalyst, charging your mind up with positivity and rendering it stress-free.

Not only this, an effective workout enhances your memory as well. Exercise should be included in your everyday routine to improve your memory and capacity to learn new things. By strengthening the hippocampus — the region of the brain responsible for memory and learning – also helps to prevent cognitive decline and memory loss.

You know what else lowers your stress and builds focus? That is correct! 5 points and a free link to the best audio wears in the market. 

So, yes, dear boAtheads! Exercising goes far beyond flexing those muscles. It’s time to flex a healthy and stress-free mind. Go exercise while we cook up another read to tickle your bones and sharpen your mind.

July 08, 2021

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