The Ultimate boAthead Dictionary for Gen Z: Edition #1

Oh, what is it to be a boAthead?
Is it that shared sense of joy when music pulses through your Airdopes, one earpiece plugged in your ear and the other in your friend’s? Certainly. Or is it that brief moment when that fellow Metro passenger, sporting the same boAt Xtend as yours, passes your vibe check? Absolutely.

But, above all, being a boAthead is to feel different. So much so that you talk different.
Example, boAtheads don’t just love that song – they have an eargasm. For boAtheads, if something’s good, it ‘slaps!’. And a group of boAtheads chilling together? It’s called Badass. We could go on and on, you know?

Which is why we thought it might be a great idea to let you all in on our very own glossary of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious words (sorry, Urban Dictionary!) that mean so much more to us as boAtheads.

Presenting the A to Z of the coolest lingo in town for the coolest fam ever. Inspired by the Gen Z, embraced by the boAt fam across the world. Here we go!


Like they say, words are just words unless you really feel them. And, at boAt, we really do: whether they’re lyrics, or simply the names of all our dope music gear. So, keep your eyes peeled for Vol.2, boAtheads – and keep talking the talk. Because…issa mood!

Think you have more fab words that go with your unmatched boAt vibe? Drop them on your social
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July 09, 2021

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