How Pursuing Your Passion Can Help Keep You Sane

Dear Hustlers,

Usually, you come here to read relevant (and sometimes meaningful) blogs. A piece of writing that either makes you more informed by the end of it or one that helps you make better decisions in your life. The hows of smartwatches or whys of that creative block. 

We haven’t met; we don’t know how you look. But these words still find a way to connect us, bring us closer to each other. We try writing what you’d like to read, and we pour all our love into it. 

We’ll do that today as well, but we’re changing the format a little. It might be a warm hug to some, and to some, the one-push they need to finally take the first step. Today, we’re here just to talk, heart-to-heart.

So, go sit outside with a cuppa tea. Feel the wind brushing against your face and sprinkles of rain gently embracing you as we begin.

Life is nothing but an outcome of our choices. We become what we choose, and rightly so. Although quite often we get so trapped in the life we choose that we feel the world is crashing down on us. Breakdowns become routine.

We often hear people say this, 

“I want to run far away.” 

 We won’t lie, we’re guilty too. We all have been there, and it’s not a wonderful feeling.

So, we thought, “there’s gotta be a way, right? Some old proxy to fool us into happiness?”

Guess what? There is.

It’s called Doing What You Love. 

 No, we’re not asking you to do anything. Hear us out before you roll your eyes and judge. 

You wake up every morning at a fixed time. You do every task just like you did yesterday and the day before, and you’ll do the same tasks tomorrow too. Life becomes a monotonous circle and you forget that you have a life to live beyond this cycle.


Doing what you like brings nothing but happiness and joy to your heart and pushes you closer to your inner voice. When you’re immersed in your hobbies, you wouldn’t even care for the results, but just for the sheer joy of the process. And believe us, that makes all the difference. 


After a week full of work, when you finally pick up the Crime Fiction book you had left, or when you choose to scribble randomly in your sketchbook or paint your feelings on a canvas or decide to pour your heart on a blank sheet of paper or maybe dance in your room at 2AM while listening to your favorite music on your headphones, you make the world and all its troubles cease to exist.

In those intimate moments with yourself, you’re just with yourself, without a worry in the world, and that’s bloody precious. 


Extensive research on this has also proven that people who regularly indulge in hobbies are less likely to suffer from common mental illnesses, like anxiety, low mood, and depression, to name a few. 

 Believe us, making the time to do something you really really love gives you an unmatched sense of happiness and calm, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

 Here’s a short poem that we always go back to whenever we need to be reminded of the importance of holding the love for our passion close to our hearts. Hope it helps you too:

Pursue the passion of the heart
Not love but life itself
For love will follow the path of life
You owe it to yourself
Find the spark that burns your soul
Take flight with it and run
And soar to the finish line
You will know when you have won.

See you soon with another piece of writing, boAthead. Until then, keep striving, keep hustling.

And remember, take a break.


Team boAt

July 16, 2021

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