boAt Airdopes 101: Made in India, For the Sounds of India

Somebody once asked us, ‘What do you think are the sounds of India?’ Our answer was simple.

The sound of a cracking shot rings through the stadium, leading to a wild roar from 60,000 Indians –all united, all as one. Or the sound of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ filling your room with an air of pride on Independence Day. Perhaps even incessant monsoon rains hitting the marble on your balcony accompanied by the sizzling of Mom-made delicacies.

But what about the sounds and voices and songs that are the constant companions of millions of new-age Indians every single day? Think the shared laughter among friends on a video call, or the constant utterance of ‘Am I audible now?’ during team meetings. How about your Spotify playlist drowning out the world on your Metro ride, or that Netflix Original horror flick with too good to be true ambient sound leaking through your headphones? And should we add that Instagram ASMR video raising the hair on your neck? Or the 2 AM voice of your love tingling your ears as you sit in your balcony and stare at the stars?

Yes, now we’re talking! Because, for an India full of dreams, it is this very tribe of sounds, unique to every individual, that we hold dearest. So, why not amp them up for the dopest listening experience ever, made possible by earbuds that are truly Indian at heart?
Cue drum-roll…


Behold the boAt Airdopes 101 Made in India wireless earbuds!

Yes, we’re not kidding. boAt Airdopes 101 first-ever ‘Made in India’ truly wireless pair has finally hit home that celebrates both the passion and the unique sounds that colour the lives of every Indian! With boAt IWP™ Technology in the hood, pairing your devices has never been this easy. What’s more, you get insane 13mm drivers that pack a punch and ensure that you listen to your favourite tracks with thumping bass and crystal-clear clarity. 15 hours of playback time, instant response Touch Controls, voice assistant…the list just goes on and one!



Open for a Surprise |IWP TM Technology

India can’t wait, India won’t wait! Imagine your earbuds instantly connecting to the media device as soon as the case lid is opened. Yes, that’s exactly what the boAt IWP™ Technology in Airdopes 101 does. So, whether you’re in a rush for that phone meeting or want to go handsfree in an instant, just open the lid for a fab surprise!

Whatever Your Type, this is Your Type | Type-C Interface

Yup, because who wants to fumble with the charger while plugging it in? Simply attach the cable in any orientation and go back to what you were doing before!



Powering an India that’s Always on the Move | Up to 15 Hours Playback

Admit it, we’re more afraid of the earbuds powering down in the middle of meetings or workouts than the meetings and workouts themselves! Thank God for Airdopes 101’s massive playback (12 hours case’s playback + 3 hours earbuds’ playback) that lets you indulge in an interruption-free listening experience.

Lose Yourself in the Groove | 13mm Drivers

Loud immersive sound is the order of the day, and that is what you shall cop with Airdopes 101. Whether your jam’s Pink Floyd or Badshah, or you’re totally hooked onto Tenet or Tamasha, listen with crystal-clear audio quality and robust bass with powerful 13mm drivers.




Kickass Connectivity for the Kickass You | Bluetooth v5.0

Say hello to the latest in wireless with advanced BT 5.0 technology that provides an unbelievable enjoyable, uninterrupted and smooth delivery of audio at all times!

India = Instantaneous | Instant Response Touch Controls

Instant Response Touch Controls give you the power to navigate in a split second – whether you’re jumping from track to track, or receiving/disconnecting calls. How smooth!



Stay on Top of the World with Your Voice | One Touch Voice Assistant

“Ok Google, how much does India need to win the match?” Yup, you’ll definitely be doing that more often with your Airdopes 101 plugged in! Keep Google and SIRI always handy with a single press, and check scores, weather, and latest news wherever, whenever. 

The first-ever ‘Made in India’ TWS by an Indian brand just had to be extra dope, right? So, bring home your pride and wear it with pride, but, first, make way for the king…because Airdopes 101
Made in India has entered the chat!

July 16, 2021

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