The Only Home Theatre and Soundbar Buying Guide You Need

The Only Home Theatre and Soundbar Buying Guide You Need

At boAt, we have something for each one of you. Whether you’re a movie buff or a serious binge-watcher, our Soundbars give you a theatre-like experience right from the comfort of your home. This guide explores how you can choose the right match for you on the basis of budget, space, connectivity, and more.

Home Theatre -
Extensive Buying Guide for Soundbars

Are you a movie buff? Do you enjoy watching TV? But even after having the best TV, you are not able to get an immersive viewing & listening experience. The punches are not that impactful, the effects don't pack a punch, and the dialogues just don't hit the right cords!

Then having a Home theatre can help you enjoy the complete experience of a movie theatre (at home), without the hassle of long lines, loud people, and sky-high popcorn prices!

However, in order to reap the full benefits of a top-notch home theatre system, you need to make sure that you combine all the right components. Making a poor and uninformed purchase decision can result in the reduction of the entertainment value and quality.

That's why we have curated this guide to help you navigate through the home theatre buying experience. Read on as we take you step-by-step and tell about the things to keep in mind before making the purchase:



What Does A Home Theatre System Comprise Of?


A/V Receiver

The Audio/Visual (AV) receiver not only powers the whole system, it's the brain that makes your home theatre work. It is an important electronic component that drives your home theatre experience. It connects and helps you switch to your audio & video sources. It also helps in decoding analog and digital surround-sound formats and also includes a radio tuner. A number of A/V receivers also include satellite radio receivers. So if you enjoy a radio, having an A/V receiver becomes important. It also plays a critical role in driving your surround-sound system as it contains (at least) five amplification channels.



Television or Video Projector

Well, your viewing screen plays an important role in the overall experience of home entertainment. Because it is the stage to your broadway! While a TV definitely will remain a popular choice, you can also consider getting a video projector (obviously if your room set up allows it).
So, what will it be? LCD? OLED? How about a 4K Ultra HD TV?
Whatever it be, keep in mind that the size of your viewing device should also be in sync with your viewing room. So don't go for something too big or something too small.
You should also keep in mind the placement of your TV. It should be placed at a good eye level so that you can watch it comfortably.


Your Room

The space that will house your home theatre is one of the key components of the entire operation. Its shape, lighting, aesthetics, window location, the position of entry points, carpeting, and the furniture in the room - all play an important role in how the rest of the home theatre system will come together
You should choose a room that should be as close as a rectangle in shape. Generally, low light rooms are desirable when it comes to watching on a big screen as it reduces the chances of glare. The right curtains can manage the ambient light from the windows.
Carpeted floors help absorb unwanted audio and hard floors, resulting in unwanted echoes and uneven bass (as they are more reflective).


Streaming devices

In the digital age of OTT platforms, we all consume some sort of content from Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, and so on! A streaming media device is basically a device that connects your TV or home theatre to the internet. It allows you to stream content - be it videos, movies, sports, or music through a streaming TV service or app.
Although the shape & size of the streaming devices may vary, they kind of work in the same way. You connect the device to your TV through a HDMI cable or directly plug it in the HDMI port if you're using a stick. Then all you need to do is connect it to your home WiFi, and voila! You can now start enjoying your subscribed content platforms.



There was a time when you had only two options to watch a movie: either go to the theatre and watch the entire drama on an expansive scene with great audio or just rent a CD/DVD and watch it from the comfort of your home with average audio and visuals.

For individuals who are on the move, these smart wearables come as a blessing! Since they sit on your wrist, the ability to view glanceable information quickly is highly advantageous. Especially when you are on the ‘road less travelled’, they can act as your guide!Well, if you are someone who likes the comfort of the home, then technology has come up with the following two options that will help you enjoy a theatre-like experience at home (given you have a good TV that supports great visuals).

All-in-One Home theatre Systems

As the name also suggests, this consists of an array of surround sound speakers, a subwoofer, an amplifier, etc. All these items need to be connected individually and are sold as a unit in a single box. It delivers true surround sound.

Soundbar Systems

Now imagine all of it packed in a long, thin bar. That's exactly what a soundbar is! It can be easily mounted on a wall or you can place it below your flat TV.

Let us assist you further in making your decision even easier. If you are still confused between an All-in-one home theatre system and a soundbar system, then here are two more factors that will help you decide what's better for you:

  • Budget: This one is gonna be quite a decisive factor. All-in-one home theatre systems generally cost a lot when compared to soundbars.
  • Space: If you live in a cramped up apartment, then having a wide array of speakers (and all the wires) will only make your room look chaotic. In such a scenario, having a simple thin bar definitely makes more sense




The best TV Soundbar provides you with a host of connectivity options. Basically, it gives you the freedom to choose and select the type of connection you want to establish as per your convenience.



This is the most easy form of connection! These days, most of the soundbars have one or more HDMI inputs. Many HDMI connections even support audio return channels - either ARC or eARC. eARC offers more bandwidth for higher resolution and immersive audio formats.


Wireless Connectivity

Now if you want to avoid a messy wire and want to have the freedom to stream from your tablet or phone while sitting anywhere in the room, then you should go for a wireless home theatre.
You can establish a wireless connection over: - Bluetooth: You can establish a secure and steady bluetooth connection to your phone, tablet and stream your favorite content. Bluetooth home theatres are easy to use and set up! - WiFi: Stream your favorite music or audio directly from the cloud via WiFi, you can even use this feature to pair your smart speakers for voice control.


USB for iPod Connectivity

Generally, USB ports are used for firmware updates. But most soundbar updates today are done through software only. So, either you will not need this, or you will only need this if you have an iPod!




Soundbars come in all shapes and sizes. But aesthetically speaking, your soundbar should not be any wider than your TV. Ideally, you should aim that both, soundbar andTV, are similar in their size and look. This gives them a balanced look.

Secondly, you should also consider the placement of your TV and soundbar before making the decision. If you are going to place the soundbar on the TV stand, make sure it fits right. You don't need anything too big or too small to ruin the entire look & feel of it.

Surround Sound

To put this in simple terms, surround sound means sound that surrounds you! (yeah, it's that simple)! Imagine being bombarded with audio from all angles, just as you were in a theatre! It appears that a speaker is placed (virtually) at every room corner.

It also means sound diversification with a deep bass! So imagine, if there is an explosion on the screen, you will have a thunderous rumbling across the floorboards and experience the subtle sound effect of skittering and tapping behind you in a suspenseful scene. And if you are just listening to music, then get ready to be enveloped by the song and have an immersive listening experience.


The purpose of subwoofers is to enhance the reproduction of low-frequency audio - think of exploding bombs, raging machine guns, whump-whump of helicopter blades, and so on. Basically, they are good for a rumbling bass! When paired with a subwoofer, a soundbar adds that extra punch to your favorite TV shows and movies! It creates a fuller sound and efficiently projects the audio throughout the room.

If you are a fan of action movies, enjoy musicals, or play online games, you will definitely want to have a subwoofer!


Now imagine that you have purchased the best home theatre system, but the look and feel of the product don't go with the aesthetics of your room, or even worse, the shape and size of the soundbar are such that it can't adjust to the available designated space for its placement.

So, if you plan to place your new soundbar in front of your TV (and not mount it on the wall under your TV), please check how tall the main soundbar unit is. We are sure you don't want it to block the bottom edge of your TV screen.

Similarly, if you plan to mount it on a wall, please check the weight on the main unit.
Additionally, you should definitely pay attention to the build and overall design of the soundbar! Don't get something too fragile or cheap-looking!


The build material of the soundbar plays an important role in its longevity and durability. Although we all crave something stylish or sophisticated, one should not undermine the importance of a strong build. The material used in the soundbar should not be cheap plastic or something that heats easily.


The new-age soundbars support a host of connectivity options. This gives you the freedom to pick & choose the kind of connection you want to establish. There are many wired options like HDMI, AUX, Optic Cable, and so on. You can also establish a wireless connection over bluetooth or WiFi.

Central Control System

Most of the soundbars come with separate remote controls. While on the other hand, some soundbars support on-system control. Having a separate remote control gives you the flexibility & convenience to control and customize your viewing experience from a distance! You can comfortably sit in your chair with your favorite drink and popcorn and just relax!

How to Choose the Right Home theatre?

This is a million-dollar question. And the answer to this question lies in a few simple questions:

How much space do I have?
What do I expect my home theatre system to do?
What is my budget?

Once you have a definite answer to these simple questions, below are some of the additional pointers that can come in handy in making a buying decision:



By Type-

Soundbar without Subwoofer

In simplest terms, a soundbar is a compact speaker system, which, when connected to your TV, can enhance the audio quality! They are thin and lightweight and come in a long rectangular shape. And a subwoofer, as stated above as well, can be treated like a loudspeaker which adds a punchy bass to your sound.

Now, if you go for a soundbar without a subwoofer, you will definitely get to experience an improvement in your audio quality. They are good for movies, news, gaming, etc., but you won't be able to experience that 'oomph' factor that you get at the movie theatres.

Tower Speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers resemble a 'tower.' A tower speaker comes with two left and right channels. Each channel can have 2-3 drivers in them to reproduce different frequencies. These types of speakers ensure that each spectrum of sound is perfectly reproduced. The result: you get perfectly balanced audio!
They should be installed on a sturdy base, so there are no vibrations. In order to get a good sound stage, you should ensure that the distance between the left and right channel is as much as the distance between the speaker and the listener!


By Budget:

Home theatre price plays an important role in making a sound (pun intended) buying decision. At boAt, we have something that suits every budget:

Best Home Theatre Under 7,000


Aavante 1200

Immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of your favorite music and movies with this 2.1 home theatre system. The sleek design and classy look of this soundbar will enhance your room's aesthetics. The 2.1 channel surround sound lets you leave your worries behind and dive into the mystical lands of your blissful music and clear dialogues.

The 40W wired subwoofer will lift up your spirits by producing bass-tastic music! The high-fidelity stereo sound will leave you wanting more!

You can choose to go wireless by pairing it via Bluetooth V4.2 or utilize the AUX/USB to establish a secure connection.

Best Home Theatre Under 10,000


Aavante Bar 1700D

Designed to fit into your perfect home and elevate your viewing experience to another level, this best soundbar is packed with everything you have ever wanted.

This 2.1 home theatre will fill your room with audio that you would not have experienced before! The Dolby Digital technology will weave a spell-binding musical spell that will leave you stunned. The 60W wired subwoofer delivers sensational audio that is loud, clear, and crisp! You can choose from the pre tuned EQ modes and enjoy your music, news, movies - just as they are meant to be!

It supports multiple connectivity modes like USB, AUX, Bluetooth, HDMI (arc), and so on for hassle-free connectivity.


Aavante Bar 1190

Envelop yourself with ethereal music or enjoy movies like never before! This home sound system will make you feel every tune, every dialogue, every note with utmost clarity! The 2.2 channel surround sound is packed with thumping bass and crisp treble. The two in-built subwoofers add that extra punch to your home entertainment system. With 90W RMS, the faintest of beats gets amplified, and you get to enjoy a truly cinematic viewing experience.

The multiple EQ modes allow you to switch to the perfect sound setting for movies, news, music, and so on! You can easily connect it to the device of your choice over Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX, and Coaxial.

Best Home Theatre Under 15,000


Avante Bar 4000DA

Say goodbye to just 'hearing' dialogues or movies! And get ready to actually 'feel' the crushing footsteps of Godzilla or lose yourself in the melodious compositions by your favorite artists! The premium finish and the sleek body of the soundbar will blend with the aesthetics of your room!

Avante 4000DA features an unmatched combination of sophisticated ensign and exceptional sound! It is packed with technology that brings full power to every moment of your entertainment.

The expansive Dolby Atmos 3D technology adds a touch of realism to your viewing experience and envelops you in soul-soothing sound. Every note comes alive with this 200W RMS HD Home theatre soundbar with subwoofers. The 2.1.2 channel surround sound fills every nook and corner of your room with the perfect sound.

You can connect it easily to your device via Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX, Optical Cable, and more! You can use the master remote to keep everything under control!


Aavante Bar 3100D

If you enjoy action movies and want to experience the surreal power of soulful music, then this 5.1 soundbar is perfect for you! Sleek, stylish, and absolutely superb - this soundbar will add a touch of perfection to your living room.

With this, enjoy a theatre-like experience at home with a captivating boAt Signature sound with 260W RMS. The wired subwoofers add that required bass that adds the 'thrill' in an action movie! The 5.1 channel surround sound with Dolby Digital technology will make you forget about your environment and let you enjoy ethereal audio, which will appear to be coming from every corner. It comes with a multi-functional remote which has a 'bass mode'! So, if you're a bass fanatic, this is the home theatre for you!

This 5.1 home theatre definitely knows how to transcend you to the fantastical world of your favorite movies and music.


By Speakers and Channels-

Have you come across labels like '2.0', '3.1', '5.0' and so on when shopping for soundbars and have always wondered what these numbers meant? Then let us break it down for you. Imagine a number A.Z
'A' here denotes how many channels a soundbar has and 'Z' tells whether it comes with a subwoofer (1) or not (0). If a soundbar has only 2 channels then it means a left and right channel. If it has 3 channels, then the third one is the center channel, which helps in increasing the dialog quality. 5 channels imply surround-sound speakers.

3.1 Home theatre System:

This comprises three speakers (center, left, and right) and a subwoofer. It adds a home theatre effect to your room but will not give you the real home theatre surround sound. It is a perfect solution for people who don't have much space at their hand to deck up multiple speakers.

5.1 Home theatre System:

To put it simply, it consists of 5 home theatre speakers: front left, front right, front center, surround right and surround left, and a subwoofer!

The center speaker is responsible for handling the dialogue, while the front and back speakers handle music and create an ambient effect. For example, if an airplane is moving on your screen, the audio signal quickly shifts from right to left speakers to simulate the motion.


7.1 Home theatre System:

This one is basically an add-on to the 5.1 Home theatre system! Imagine having a 5.1 soundbar but with two additional rear speakers. This helps in adding that 'extra' depth to your listening experience. When set up in the right room, this can really take your viewing experience to another level, but a 7.1 home theatre system can lead to a mudded sound when placed improperly.

Dolby Atmos:

If you want to enjoy a truly immersive listening experience, then Dolby Atmos soundbars are best for you!
Dolby Atmos (Atmos as in Atmosphere) is a technology that was designed for theatres nearly ten years ago but is now also used in home theatres.
However, they do require additional speakers to help pull off the perfect cinematic effect, but instead of facing you, the speakers face upwards. The sound hits your ceiling, bounces back down towards you, and off the floor. This creates a sensation that you hear sounds from above and below you rather than just around you.
The result is that the objects on your screen, like circling helicopters or pouring rain, can be heard all around you!

Top 5 boAt Home Theatres and Soundbars that boAtheads love:

  Aavante 1200 Aavante 1190 Aavante 1700D Aavante 3100D
2.1 channel surround sound 2.2 Channel Surround Sound 1.532.1 Channel Surround Sound 250W Home Theatre Experience
80W boAt signature sound 90W boAt signature sound Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital Plus 5.1
High fidelity stereo sound Entertainment EQ Modes 120W HD Soundbar Bluetooth v5.0
Smart integrated controls Bluetooth/AUX/USB Compatible Entertainment EQ Modes Entertainment EQ Modes
Price 6499/- 5999/- 8999/- 12999/-