Elevate Your Entertainment Experience With Aavante Bar 4000DA

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience With Aavante Bar 4000DA

Watch out! here comes the Aavante Bar 4000DA! The newest soundbar from boAt.

Even before Corona hit the road, and especially after it did, we’ve all been taking solace in home entertainment to realise our dreams, and in that process, we’ve been looking for ways to level up our experience in every way possible.

And for that, it’s inevitable that we think of how our world will sound, when we’re in our room, watching the best kind of entertainment that is out there.

So we have the perfect thing to help you take your entertainment to the grandest peak. The best home theatre system that you can gift yourself (on a budget): The boAt Aavante Bar 4000 DA.

Let’s see why this bluetooth soundbar makes for the best soundbar you can get.

A Sound Experience That Raises The Bar

Imagine watching a movie and you have to constantly adjust the volume so you can hear the dialogues, or maybe rewind to hear something you’ve missed. And we won’t lie, we all have had to do that some time or the other.

But no more!

The Bluetooth soundbar Aavante Bar 4000 DA comes equipped with a 200W boAt signature sound that makes your quality of sound experience like no other. This 200W HD Home Theatre Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer enhances even the lowest frequencies to highlight each note in your music with finesse!

Add to that, the 2.1.2 channel surround sound of this wireless soundbar, with a side firing construction for more bass with much better thump! It will make each note clearer and reach every corner of the room, adorning every audiophile’s space like a dream!

And even more impressive, the Dolby Atmos 3D audio technology gives you the complete aural experience, enveloping you into a truly immersive entertainment experience.

Raise The Bar Of Flexibility

In this age and time, all we want from the products we use is ultimate flexibility. We want to choose the way our world works, and we want products to adjust to our way of life instead of the opposite.

Which is why the boAt Aavante Bar 4000 DA has pre-set modes to suit the mood you’re in! Choose from music, movies, news and 3D experiences for the best output

And of course, we want you to enjoy all your entertainment experiences like a boss with a tub of popcorn and a master remote control in your hands! The master remote control of this Bluetooth soundbar controls pairing, mute/unmute, play/pause, bass/treble, volume, track control, and more!

And catering to your choice of connectivity, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with multiple connectivity modes in the Aavante Bar 4000 DA. Seamlessly connect via USB, Bluetooth, Aux Cable, Optical Cable and HDMI Cable. Choose whatever floats your boAt!

Raise The Bar Of Sophistication

Last but not least, features that go a long way is definitely a must when you get wireless soundbars, but what also matters is how it looks and what it says about you, as it sits in your living room.

So the Aavante Bar 4000 DA sports a premium finish and sleek design for the ultimate style statement in your home. So when you look around, or when your friends come over for a movie marathon, there’s good looks, good looks, good looks, AND the best of features to raise the bar of your entertainment experience!