Bass It Up With The Best Speakers Under 2000

Bass It Up With The Best Speakers Under 2000

Check out the best speakers with bass that makes every beat lit!

What helps you when you’ve had a long day at work? Or got scolded by your boss or had a heartbreak episode run you down? Yes, hold on to that thought. If there is one thing that can make us feel connected to our spirits as well as others then that is music. 

Music has the power to change our mood in a split of seconds and oh do we not love rejoicing this power! Words or no words, music hits us right in the spot. We boAtheads hear you and want to help you sail through your ocean of feelings and make you experience music and life like never before!

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 then stop right here! Let us take your burden of confusion away and fill you with an abundance of quality sound, with the best speakers in the world and the best vibe.

Let's take you through these bad boys that make you feel so good!


Pleasant not only to the ears but also to the eyes, with its uniquely astounding design the BOAT Stone 260 is the real GOAT.

The 4W speaker comes with super extra bass and offers the best acoustic experience. Stone 260 being budget and vibe-friendly will be the best Bluetooth speaker choice! The sassiest speaker which comes in attractive skins has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity with no loss of audio performance. 

With IPX6, this little baby can dive with you right into the water. Why? Because it is water-resistant. So travel and dive without a worry in this world!

Offering 5 hours of playtime per charge with its 1000mAh battery, Stone 260 ensures your long hours of listening to music or binge-watching Netflix aren’t interrupted.

It has integrated controls for the convenience of the user. Stone 260 can be wirelessly connected to Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.


  • 7 sassy designs to choose from
  • Hook it to your gear
  • IPX5 rated for water resistance
  • 1000mAh battery to keep you charged
  • Travel and adventure partner!


Making your travel easier and safer, presenting to you a grenade you can legally possess!

Yes, you heard it right. BOAT grenade with its rugged shockproof design is ready to experience all the adventures with you, committing 7 hours of explosive HD music, and oh what a good time!

An impedance of 4ohm and Bluetooth V4.2 and with IPX6, this will be the only bomb you’d want to explode and experience even underwater. This tough boy is ready to absorb all your shocks. Needless to say, these Bluetooth speakers under 2000 pass the vibe check!


  • Great for travels
  •  Shock and bad vibes absorbent
  • 7H of explosive HD music
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices

 STONE 650

Another Bluetooth boss speaker in town is Stone 650.

This tough guy with IPX6 is water, shock, and bad vibes resistant! This party speaker is covered in smooth silicone coating and designed in diamond gridded mesh, stone 650 is the right partner you’ve been looking for.

With just the perfect size, this is a portable powerhouse in itself. Not only will it make you experience the world of trance with its sound quality but it also has a built-in-mic to enable hands-free calling and an uninterrupted music listening experience.

With a 1500mAh battery, let the stone 650 be a part of your journey and never feel alone again.


  • Your go-to partner for adventures and parties
  •  Enjoy 7H of unstoppable music
  •  IPX6 rated for water and sweat resistance
  • Smooth silicone coating
  • 1500mAh battery for hassle-free music


Basic but a baddie is what the stone 190 wireless Bluetooth speaker is.

Experience nirvana in boAt signature sound with this mini portable Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth V5.0 for instant wireless connectivity to music and a different world. It is equipped with a powerful 52mm full-range driver to pump out an exceptional auditory experience.

Stone 190 is ready to experience all your adventures with you, no matter how dirty or wet it gets as with IPX7 it is both water and dust resistant.

If you’re a college student or a budding traveler, this Stone 190 will be the perfect partner for you. The small size makes it pocket-friendly, both in budget and portability. 


  • Wireless listening with water and dust resistance
  • Playback time of 4H per charge
  • Multiple connectivity modes
  • Pocket friendly 
  • Bluetooth V5.0

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and buy any of the earphones, earbuds, and speakers!

Indulge yourself in music and become a boAthead today by investing the minimal amount of money and getting the best possible speakers in return! Change your life and shake a leg by investing in something you will never regret.