Get Stable With This Aux Cable

Get Stable With This Aux Cable

Check out the boAt AUX 500 for all your audio needs!

In a world where wireless technologies are taking over our lives due to the ease of use and convenience, many people often forget the simplicity and reliability of the wired connection. 

We agree that Bluetooth & Wi-Fi provide unmatched flexibility, but these types of connections are often plagued with syncing issues or signal loss. And that’s why many people are now drifting towards the realm of wired connections and accessories, in particular the humble aux cable! 

To explain: An aux cord or auxiliary cord is a cord that allows your phone, computer, tablet, mp3 player, or whatever device you have with a headphone jack to connect with another device with an auxiliary port such as your car stereo, headphones, television, or home stereo!

It is by far the best and simplest solution for playing music or having voice input from external navigation systems. All you need to do is to choose the best connection cord and you are good to go - enjoy a guaranteed lag-free experience wherein there is no distortion of sound. That’s why you can find so many aux cables online! 

But since not all aux cables are equal, you need to keep in mind certain things before making a purchase. You need to be sure of its durability and want something safe to use as you don’t want it to cause any damage to your favourite device. Additionally, since nobody likes to go through the pain of buying the cables, again and again, you should be sure of the cable’s longevity and performance! 

Now allow us to introduce you to an auxiliary cable that will tick all these boxes and will meet all your connectivity needs: boAt’s AUX cable 500

Strong Build, Sturdy Design

Now let’s be honest. We do not take care of our wires and cables. We forget them, grab them, stretch them, throw them around and sometimes even forget them in our pockets or bags for days! And some people who have pets, their pets often chew or bite on them! 

boAt Aux 500 cable is exclusively designed to withstand any such torture. Its tangle-free design eliminates any bunching and knots. You can forget it in your bag but once you find it, it will be in its finest condition and ready to use! 

Dual shielding, double power

When it comes to aux cables, having a good connector is as important as having a strong wire. Generally, these connectors fall victim to corrosion and end up degrading the audio output. 

You can say goodbye to such worries with boAt’s auxiliary cable, It comes with a Dual-shielding, polished metal moulding which adds exceptional strength to the plugs. The shell is durable, can resist corrosion, and more importantly, reduces the overall signal loss. This ensures that it always transfers great audio, rich as its source. The material of the shell cuts on possible interference, and generally enhances the overall sound output.

Durable Connectors, Better Life

In order to ensure the longevity of the aux cable, it comes with a spaceship grade aluminium casing. The state-of-the-art step-down design allows connectors to fit almost into any audio jack and even space some room for the casing in the smartphone! 

Universally Compatible 

Mobile phones, tablets, speakers, and so on - we use a wide range of devices every day. And not all of them have WiFi or Bluetooth, and this also doesn’t mean that you need to have as many wires to support them. Who would even go through the pain of arranging and taking care of so many wires! What a webbed mess would it be! 

boAt’s aux cable 500 is a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable, which is compatible with all smartphones and tablets!

Braided Beauty that’s long

Now if you think that all these features must be packed in a dull body then you are in for a surprise. We agree, nobody likes a dull looking wire! 

It comes with a nylon braiding that looks absolutely stylish and makes it stand out from the card. 

Let’s mind you, it’s not all beauty, this braiding also gives the cable its strength and makes it stretch and stress resistance. So be it a rough day alone in the jeans pocket or being left half hanging in a closed drawer, your cable will always stay strong! 

On top of all this, it’s 1.5m long, meaning no more standing next to the device or only the person who is in the front of the car will get to play their songs! With this around, all of you can take turns to play DJ on your next road trip! 

Sold yet? 

Let’s tell you one last (but not least in any sense) thing! The aux cable price is absolutely decent, especially when you have a closer look at all the above listed spectacular benefits. You can easily carry it on your next road trip and be assured of a musical journey where you can enjoy your playlist without any worry! So stop waiting now, order yours right away!