Celebrating The Undying Spirit Of The Rebels

Celebrating The Undying Spirit Of The Rebels

Turn up the rebellion with boAt!

While the whole world talks about women empowerment in the 21st century, we have some badass suggestions for the badass women out there. We believe that it’s now time to go beyond the sugar coated ‘women-can-run-the-show’ conversations into ‘women-run-the-show!’ Period.

And to do that, we want to push you to take empowerment in your OWN hands. Break the rules to re-invent them. Push the boundaries of what women ‘can’ do - to actually do whatever the hell you want!

boAt stands with this notion hence we bring to you, your very own and owned series of audio wears: T-Rebel, for the rebel in you. It is time to break the shackles and cross the boundaries in order to become a little more of yourself and a little less of what they expect you to be.

With this launch, we take one step closer to empowering our wonder women! So let’s take a pledge. To love our shades. To switch up the brakes. To give ‘em back the stares. To make a hot mess. And to say sorry no more!

Cut The Cord

Strong women around the globe, hear us out! We don’t need no cords that hold us down! Do we? So it’s time to cut the cord and break free from the expectations of society, and from traditions and culture that has bred in the muddy grounds of patriarchy.

We’re cutting the wires that get us stuck as we move around claiming territories. And we’re here to rise above, embracing the true spirit of rebellion. So women, get the rebel in you out. Go wireless, go free, and break all cords that hold you down!

Shut Your Bullsh*t

Ever wanted to say this to someone who constantly tells you what’s right and what’s not? We sure have! And what’s a better way to plug in and shut out all the bullsh*t?

The rebel in you needs to cancel out the noise to shut the bullsh*t out. Then allow yourself to groove to your very own rhythm, without caring about what ‘other people will say.’

This Isn’t A Phase

What gets on our nerves is when people want to tell us that ‘it’s just a phase’ and we’ll come out of it soon. Especially phrases like ‘Stop being so angry’ ‘Stop being so rebellious’ ‘Accept the ways of the world.’

Thankfully, for true rebels like us, this just charges us even more, to keep us moving forward and aim higher for our rebellion. And for that spirit, you need energy that never lets you tire, never lets you stop and never comes in the way of sweet, sweet rebellion.

Always Connected To Your True Spirit

And all this talk of rebellion doesn’t mean we lose our femininity to reach where men are. The point remains to embrace the divine feminine that is within us, and embrace it with a passion that keeps us connected to our true divinity - ALWAYS.

We are flexible in our roles in society. We can be BADASS, while being NURTURING. We can be WORLD CHANGERS, while being HOMEMAKERS. We can reach new heights, without ever forgetting our HUMBLE ROOTS. And that’s the power of the true rebellion that makes us who we are, as women in society, as women who are THE REBELS. All we need is to wake and pair with our true rebellion.

Rebellion Will Never Go Out Of Style

All the rebels unite! Whether you want to shift the conversation or change it altogether, the true rebels do it in style. It’s serious talk yes, and to take you seriously, society needs to see your spirit shine in a style that screams PROVOCATIVE, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, and FEARLESS.

So go all out. Don’t bother what the fashion magazines say. Bring out your true rebellion in your own style that gives more and more power to YOU! So here’s to the rebels, the wild ones, the free ones. Here’s to you!