AAVANTE Soundbars: Bring Theatre Home

AAVANTE Soundbars: Bring Theatre Home

Want to have a theatre-like experience at home? Or to binge-watch any series or movie of your choice or dance without any worries in this world on your favorite music? We have just the perfect solution for you!

Want to have a theatre-like experience at home? Or to binge-watch any series or movie of your choice or dance without any worries in this world on your favorite music? We have just the perfect solution for you! I mean, when it comes to sound, boAt will have all the solutions! Find yourself while losing yourself in trance, experiencing the unbeatable boAt Signature Sound designed especially for you! Surround yourself with music that reaches every nook and corner of the room and amplifies your joys while reducing the sorrows!

Of course, there are a lot of Bluetooth soundbars available for you in the market. So here, in this writing piece, we will tell you why Aavante Soundbars are the best soundbars for you!

Read along and find what you are looking for as we help you have the best of both worlds!

Move Your World With 4000DA

Sit back and let the captivating boAt Signature Sound engulf you and take you to a better place! With 5.1 channel surround sound, enjoy all your favorite movies with your family with theatre-like sound at home. AAVANTE Bar 4000DA with Dolby Atmos 3D technology will bring to you the complete aural experience and revolutionize your entertainment system! Release your stress with a 200W RMS soundbar which also comes with a subwoofer! How cool is that? You get to play and experience your music the way you want to. Immerse yourself in the blasting bass that relaxes and makes you wanna groove at the same time. Have a theatre-like experience at home with this soundbar. Get the party started as it is time for you to rock and roll!

Jam With The Boss 1700D

If you want to have a club-like experience but don’t want to step out of your comfort zone, worry not. This boss soundbar 1700D got you covered left and right! Have music coming from every corner and nook of the room and fill yourself with the bliss of words that make sense when put together. With channel 2.1 surround sound have an immersive and cinematic auditory experience solely for you. 120W boAt Signature Sound will make you lose yourself in the music like never before! Let the dialogues of your favorite series be spoken to you from all sides with the magical cinematic sound that comes with these soundbars! Have the experience you desire and deserve with these super-compatible Bluetooth soundbars that also come with smart integrated controls. Stay connected universally and make life easier for you.


Sleek Style Music With 1190

With these sleek and stylish home theatre systems aka Aavante 1190 get yourself grooving like there is no one watching. Engross in the 2.1 channel surround sound that never leaves you feeling alone reaching every nook and corner of your space. Have a constant partner to all your mood swings like this soundbar that looks slender but gives a massive performance. This soundbar with woofers and 90W boAt Signature Sound will get you focused on enjoying life and even your work as it makes everything easier with its transcending theatrical sound! Have modes for every tune that you listen to, as we tell you these speakers are ballistic! Compatible with multiple sources let partying be an easier affair. Flaunt the sleeky and stylish boAt 1190 as you throw the party of your life!

Shake A Leg With 3100D

Next in line for you is the 3100D Bluetooth soundbar and boy oh boy do they not give a ballistic experience! Discover the side of you which you’ve never seen before with 5.1 channel surround sound that lets you immerse in the ocean of music coming from all sides of the room. Like most Aavante soundbars, these too have Dolby Digital for you to have an in-time experience. It is time for you to make music an unforgettable affair as you enjoy the blasting bass coming from the subwoofers that come along with this sleek soundbar! 

The 250W Sound will give you a real-time theatre experience at home, making you enjoy every bit of those beats that fall oh so perfectly, just like the quality of the sound that hits your ear. Set the mood and mode just right with the Entertainment EQ Modes designed especially for YOU and your people to have a good time!

I am sure by now we have cleared all your doubts and concerns. If you have any questions further? Just buy any one of these and you will clear them yourself! Aavante soundbars are (and honestly with no bragging) the most precious purchase for audiophiles. These soundbars give you a theatre-like experience at home, making your day a little better and your heart a little calmer.