Everything you need this Work From Home

Everything you need this Work From Home

Let boAt take charge of your WFH and make every experience smooth and hassle-free just like it’s meant to be! We care for you. Hence, here is a Work From Home Kit made especially for you and to make this lockdown office a bearable affair.
In times like these when the world has been hit by an unpredictable pandemic, the way of living has changed drastically. In these unprecedented times apart from physical health, our mental health is taking a toll on us as well. 

Working from home and online classes have become the new norm. While we cannot take the work away from you but we can surely assure you that with these best work from home audio wear and wearables, things will definitely get easier.

Let boAt take charge of your WFH and make every experience smooth and hassle-free just like it’s meant to be! We care for you. Here is a Work From Home Kit made especially for you and to make this lockdown office a bearable affair.

Read along and find products you cannot resist.

Dope Airdopes 402 For The Rescue

Face any possible turn of events even at work with the dope Airdopes 402. With a battery that lasts longer than your work hours, make sure you never get interrupted on a work call.

Airdopes 402 are a must in the work from home gadgets 2021 for they top the list of being awesome already! With 20H of non-stop playback time let nothing be a barrier between you and the fantastic work that you are bound to do.

Whether calls or music, these dopes promise to deliver the best of it all, relieving your stress and making the work from home run smoothly, just like you want it. With IPX4 make sure you take care of your fitness and rock that workout for these Airdopes 402 are water-resistant. With a 450mAh battery carrying cum charging case you won’t even have to worry about getting up and putting it on charge for the 402 got it all covered for itself and you!

Explore All The Possibilities With Xplorer

Never be worried even for one ounce about your fitness in this lockdown. Can’t go to the gym? Worry not. Xplorer fitness smartwatch got you all covered! This smartwatch is here to be your partner in a healthy lifestyle.

If we talk about work from home accessories then Xplorer cannot be left behind. Acing the game in its field, make your office from home easier by getting notified about the meetings through the watch itself. The 33mm full touch display makes sure you see everything clearly and check all the notifications perfectly! Your work won’t be disturbed as you can check every bit of what comes in your phone on this watch. When stress takes over, help relax with the guided meditation feature that comes with this smartwatch.

If you decide to take a break and enjoy a little bit of the rain? Fear not, with 5ATM this smartwatch is water and dust resistant. Being the all-in-one package you know now why Xplorer is worth having for your Work For Home!

Boost Your Productivity With Stone 260

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We all have heard this one saying, haven’t we?

Working in the same atmosphere every day may get extremely stressful. The same coding and the same creative designs also have a high tendency to leave you on a creative block! 

Hence, next in line we have for you, Stone 260. Dance your way out of stress on the tunes of your mood! Why is a speaker necessary in WFH gadgets? We will tell you. Do you know when the workload is too much? Or when the boss screams at you for what seems unfair to you? Or even when the deadline is approaching?

You need something to lighten you up. Something to bring back your spirits by either helping you shake a leg or just listen to rock songs blaring out for you to get back in your zone. This is where Stone 260 comes in. With funky skin designs and uninterrupted music for up to 5 hours let nothing take you out of your zone of hustling. The powerful drivers strike just the right chord by delivering the boAt Signature Sound with an unbeatable thumping bass that helps you elevate your mood and work even more effectively.

IPX5 makes it water-resistant to make sure nothing comes in between you and your zen mode, not even a spilled glass of water. Not just travel and party booster, make it your work booster as well! 

Slay The Game With Bassheads 100 

Last but not least, have a little touch of old times when you plan on buying this wfh tech gadgets kit, with Bassheads 100! In the world of Bluetooth, have a wire that keeps you connected with yourself and your system as well. The hawk-inspired design will keep you sharp as you focus on the work just like a hawk!

Find the solution to “what shall I connect with the system” in the Bassheads 100 itself. The 10mm dynamic drivers are here for you to hear clear instructions and perform the best that you can. The in-line microphone helps you be heard without any interruptions or unnecessary noise in the channel for better communication so that your game-changing ideas are taken as they’re supposed to. Not only this, with the boAt Signature Sound have a super extra bass that lets you enjoy thrilling or calming music amidst your break sessions!

Here, we have reached the end of this super awesome list of Work From Home kit. I know we cannot change the world around us but we surely can do things to make it better. And here, this little care package will help you stay stress-free from one aspect of your currently molded life.

Let’s stay together and fight this situation to the best of our abilities. We are all different but solve the same purpose like these gadgets.