Sailing Through The Mightiest Storm, In Hopes of Reaching The Shore Together

Being a brand that started its journey dancing to the tunes of our own vibe, we’ve always encouraged you to tune out the noise of the outside world. Especially, when the world gets too much, we’ve advocated the ease of plugging in and tuning out. 


But now and again, a challenging situation invites itself into our lives. And the only way to deal with it is a change in ideologies, a change in perspective and an urgent need to refuel empathy to connect with and support our fellow human beings. 


Unfortunately, we’re stuck in just a situation like that. And right now, plugging in and tuning out isn’t even the remotest possibility. So here’s our plea for these trying times. Please, hear the noise around you!


We know, it’s damn tough. But listen to it. Especially, because we're not all in the same boAt. So when someone’s drowning or calling out for help, it’s our duty to give a hand (metaphorically, of course). 


And because we know how tough it is to be able to find the important things in the cluttered mess of our digital world, we decided it was #TimeForAPause. 


It was time to listen to the world around us, instead of wanting to be heard first. 


So we decided to do our bit by pausing our ads and promotions for 2 days and using that money to help those in need instead. 


And, however little it may seem, we understand that each rupee can act as an aid to people in need. We must all come together to send help in whatever way we can. 


We’re proud to tell you that we managed to save a sum of INR 50 Lakhs through this pause and donated it to the Save Life Foundation so they could procure the much-needed oxygen concentrators and other essential medical supplies for hospitals and care centres treating COVID-19 patients. 


In the words of our co - founder, Aman Gupta, “As an Indian brand, we recognize the challenges being faced by our people today and we truly hope that our small contribution will support healthcare and frontline workers as they race against time to save lives and contain the spread of this virus.” 


In the end, the thought we want to leave you with is, when the going gets tough, all we have is each other. So, do your bit and help others around you, and don’t worry about how small or large the contribution is. It could be a prepared meal for someone you know who is suffering, or a bottle of water for a homeless person on the road, or anything and everything you can think of! And of course, simply staying in will also be of great help. 


Remember, each bit counts when it comes to overcoming the enormous challenge that we face today. 

Stay safe, and take care of each other! Let’s reach for the shore together. 


boAt crew

May 06, 2021

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