The Best Soundbars For TV Shows, Movies & Music In 2021

The Best Soundbars For TV Shows, Movies & Music In 2021

All you'll ever need to get the best cinematic experience at home!

We are living in times where home entertainment has become a major part of our lives. With a rapid increase in consumable content, thanks to the OTT platforms, the demand for a good TV has increased exponentially. However, in recent years, TVs have undergone a complete makeover when it comes to their shape, size and deliverables. They have become considerably larger, thinner, and are fully loaded with many smart features but the HDR picture quality and the sleek design of the TV comes at a price! There is less space for inbuilt speakers! 

The result: You do not get the same satisfying auditory experience as compared to marvellous visuals. They do let you hear what’s going on the screen but offer just an okayish output.

Imagine watching your favourite Marvel or DC movie or even a recent musical treat like Bandish Wars on TV but the sound effects are just not a match to the visual treat! Sounds like a disaster right? 

As we know that you don't really want your movies and other home entertainment experience to just be average. Moreover, if you don’t want to clutter your house with multiple, tiny home-theatre speakers but want the same theatrical experience, we have a solution for you: Soundbars.

They are an all-in-one speaker system that deliver high-quality TV sound without requiring the space, complexity, and expense of a home theatre receiver and surround sound speaker setup.

If you are really serious about getting that cinematic experience that does justice to the visuals then read on this list of Soundbars which match the sound quality of the best home theatres available in the current times. These will take your watching experience a notch above, without burning a hole in your pocket:  


1. Aavante Bar 1500

Life isn’t a movie, but your living room can definitely sound like one, thanks to Aavante Bar 1500.


With an impactful 120W output, this sleek & stylish music beast will amp up the audio quality of your favourite shows or movies! Its versatile subwoofer enhances every aspect of your home entertainment and gives you a theatre-like experience in your living room! The 2.1 channel system provides a perfectly balanced sound with deep bass, required for you to enjoy movies, shows or video games!

You can pick and choose the right setting with the remote-controlled multiple EQ modes like movies, music, news, 3D and set the right mood for your viewing time! You don’t have to change your TV to get the home theatre like experience as it comes with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and Optical, providing you with the freedom to connect seamlessly with your favourite entertainment box as per your choice! 


2. Aavante Bar 1160

This soundbar is an amazing choice for anyone who is looking for superior sound quality. If you are someone who enjoys a powerful sound, then this is a good choice for you as it offers 2.0 channel audio!

The 60W boAt signature sound is an impressive addition to your home entertainment. The lightweight design of this device makes it fit to just sit on the wall, below your TV and enhance its auditory quality as well as not cluttering your room with too many devices. It comes with a smart remote control with pre-set options of Movie, Music, 3D and news to choose from! The multiple connectivity modes like Bluetooth, AUX and USB give a tough competition to any Bluetooth home theatre as it brings a lot of versatility to the table! So bring your home to life, with Aavante Bar 1160!


3. Aavante Bar 2050

Exquisitely designed, this stylish soundbar has everything that you could ask for when it comes to fulfilling your home entertainment needs. It’s stylish, it’s powerful and it definitely is something that you want in your room!

When you connect this to your TV, you experience boAt’s signature sound with the 80W R.M.S delivered by its bar and the 80W wireless woofer. Yes, you read that right! The wireless woofer ensures that you get an extremely clear sound output! Moreover, the multiple connectivity modes like Bluetooth V5.0, AUX, HDMI and Optical add a touch of convenience to your life! The remote-controlled EQ modes ensure that you listen to your favourite thing, the way you like! 


So, what’s holding you back from getting the perfect companion for your favourite device and enhancing your viewing experience? You can blindly depend upon these soundbars to fulfil your hearing needs. When it comes to home entertainment audio, beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder but also in the ears of the person who is hearing.

With a little addition, your old TV setup can stand up to the latest movies, music & games at any volume and be worthy of a wholesome home theatre experience, without getting one!