Meet the Power Ranger - Watch Zenit

Have you ever wondered what’s the fuss about the phrase: ‘better than the best’ that everyone keeps talking about? How good would it feel to have it used for something you own, right? What if we tell you that something you could own fits these words just oh-so-perfectly?

Get ready to meet the one true iconic smartwatch, which is better than the best and the rest in all true senses. It is time to go Above The Ordinary with Watch Zenit.

Now, let your smartwatch be your planner for burning those calories or attending the important meeting calls. It’s time you run your world right through your wrist.

Let us introduce you to this mega smartwatch by elaborating a few features, shall we? 

Zenit comes with a 1.3 inch Round IPS Display for you to level up your style quotient and refresh your vibe! Not just this, the display has a smoother and better responsive touch as well.

If you want to burn those calories, Zenit has it all set for you! All you have to do is, set the goal, choose your mood-matching workout, and see yourself acing that goal! 

Now, we all know our mind and heart needs to be at the top of their game, right? Don’t worry! Zenit has got your back always. It allows you to track your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and even the sleep cycle, all in real time.

If you are the person who gets bored by one look every day, we have something for you too. The 100+ watch faces will allow you to dawn a new look every time you wish to! So cool, isn’t it?

Not just this, with 7 active sports modes, including walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, and football, Zenit has you covered no matter what your mode of sweat is.

Apart from all these OG features, Zenit also offers:

-A weather forecast for the next 6 days

-Dust, Splash, and Water Resistance with IP67

-A battery life of up to 7 days

-Music control

Phew! The list goes on and on. We are exhausted listing out the features, but guess what? There is still so much more that Zenit offers.

Why don’t you check it out yourself? Here - Zenit Smartwatch.

We would like to take your leave now, gotta go get us a Zenit before it goes out of stock, for it surely is the Zenith of smartwatches.

November 12, 2021

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