Double The Impact with Dual Pairing

Let us ask you a question. 


Aren’t there some songs that make you feel that the volume should be louder, even when it’s banging on 100% volume?


When you meet your old gang from school and “ilahi” starts playing, don’t you all start singing? Irrespective of how shrill our voice sounds, we just invest ourselves in the moment. 


During a house party, the music should always be louder than it already is, isn’t it?

boAtheads, we hear you. And we’re here with a solution.

The Dual Pairing is here for you.

What is Dual Pairing and how does it work? Let’s walk you through it. 

Dual Pairing simply means that you can connect with two different Bluetooth speakers at the same time and play your favorite tracks at a much higher volume.

To connect both of the speakers, you need to turn the Bluetooth on for all three devices:

  1. Your Phone
  2. First Speaker
  3. Second Speaker

Now, let us say you have Stone 1200F & Stone 350 with you. All you have to do is to make sure that the Bluetooth on all three devices is on. Now pair your phone with both the speakers simultaneously and there you go! Play Pink Floyd just the way you want to and the way it is meant to! The double blissful audio trouble has just begun.

On some devices, you might have to download an application to connect the speakers with each other. But nonetheless, it will work just as it should. 

So, double the fun and sing along at the top of your lungs with the Dual Pairing feature at your service!

Hope y’all learned something because we sure did!

See you next time with another wonderful learning.

Until then,

Take care, boAthead.

November 07, 2021

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