5 Tips for Setting Up Your Aavante Home Theatre

So, you’ve done it! You’ve only gone out and brought home the utterly awesome boAt Aavante home theatre. Congratulations! Well, why else would you be reading this blog? 

Oh, perhaps you ARE still planning to buy it (nice!), or perhaps you just wanted some hot tips and tricks for setting up your home theatre from fellow boAtheads (thanks, we’re the best!). Well, welcome! Let’s get straight to it then…

So, what indeed is the best way to set up your Aavante home theatre and soundbar? No, simply installing it underneath your TV just won’t cut it, champ. You see, we know you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re constantly turning down the volume when your Lord of the Rings cuts to an epic battle, only to then bump it up trying to make out Frodo’s whispy, frail words. If only you had one perfect setting to rule them (audio) all…

Well, it’s all about setting up your home theatre system in a way so that you achieve acoustic nirvana – wherever in the room you maybe. Everything from the size of your room and the direction of the soundbar or woofers to their placement and the empty space around them can determine how incredible your home theatre sounds. While boAt Aavante’s Dolby Audio technology, seamless connectivity, surround sound and EQ modes always work like a charm, you can only achieve true cinematic experience by maximising the sound quality with a few hacks and ideas.

Don’t worry – you won’t need an architect or interior designer to help you with the set-up. Just spare five more minutes for the five amazing tips we have for you below, and voila! 

  1. Placement matters

If you want your sound to be spot on, then picking the right spot for your Aavante soundbar is the first step. Simply keeping it below the TV or mounting it on the wall won’t cut it. You must carefully follow these points: 

  • Place the soundbar just below the TV and make sure it is centrally aligned
  • Keep adequate vertical space between the TV and the soundbar, and ensure that the latter is not blocking the former
  • Avoid putting your Dolby Atmos-enabled Aavante soundbar inside a cabinet or on a shelf as it can obstruct the surround sound
  • If wall-mounting, go for below the TV placement as it directs the sound better to the listener
  • Avoid covering the soundbar with cloth or obstructing its front or sides with décor 

Thankfully, Aavante Bar 1160’s super sleek and lightweight profile means installation is never a hassle. Once you perfect the placement, their 60W boAt Signature Sound and 2.0 Surround Sound will bring your room to life during movie and match sessions!

  1. Don’t stick it close to the wall

Yup, there’s a tendency to place objects and gadgets flush with the wall in order to provide them ‘support’ or achieving a streamlined look. But don’t repeat it with your Aavante home theatre. Keep it on the edge of the TV table allowing enough space and ventilation all around. Doing so will make sure that the 2.1 Channel Surround Sound and 120 W boAt Signature Sound of your Aavante Bar 1700D will reflect outward in the room and not deflect off the TV. Of course, you can then fine tune it further with multiple EQ modes made for movies, music and more! 

  1. Let sub-woofers occupy the floor

The likes of boAt Aavante Bar 4000 DA come with a complementary sub-woofer that will make your home theatre’s bass absolutely kickass. But its purpose will go for a toss if the big booming box is mounted in a cabinet or placed near a rattly object. Remember, sub-woofers vibrate to produce bass, and you don’t want to create a ruckus by sending these vibrations from the woofer to nearby objects. Yikes! Experts recommend positioning the sub-woofer on the floor near the wall of your home theatre system – but with adequate space all around! Once you get that right, you will be pleasantly surprised with the powerful 200W cinematic experience that the Aavante Bar 4000 DA sub-woofer is capable of.

  1. Fill up your space to reduce echo

So, your Aavante home theatre sounds gorgeous…except for the annoying echo in your room. Well, that means that your space is too reflective and empty, turning it into a hollow chamber that produces reverberations. The hack is simple: fill up your space! You can do that by mounting art pieces or décor on your walls, adding thicker curtains, or even putting down a soft rug on the floor. 

  1. Check the HDMI ARC connection and switch off TV speakers

The HDMI ARC port on your Aavante is truly a God-sent! It removes any need to attach an additional optical cable, thus enabling you to downstream audio from TV (or any source connected to it) to your home theatre! Additionally, it also transmits a higher sound quality than a regular connection. While most TVs will automatically detect it, you might have to play with your TV settings in case you suspect the HDMI ARC connection is not working properly. Here, it is important to turn off your TV’s built-in speakers so that the only sound you indulge in is that of the thunderous Aavante! 

Ah, now you wish these tips were in the instruction manual, don’t you? Well, we’ve certainly made note of that. Well, go on now and get to work. Trust us, fam…once you get the set-up right, you’ll be giving yourself a pat on the back for bringing home Aavante. 

November 04, 2021

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