Battle of the Bestsellers: Airdopes 131 vs Airdopes 441

What is life if not a box of dilemmas? 


Should I watch Schitt's Creek or The Office?

Sweater or Hoodie?

Cab or Metro?

Should I wake up now or after 5 minutes? (which we all know who wins here)

The point is, most of us are not great at making decisions when we have to choose between two equally fine things. At least we are not (honesty max).

Now, when it comes to buying what suits you the best, it is one hell of a ride. While being stuck between two products, the result can be any of these three:

1. You get confused and don't buy anything

2. You get overwhelmed with the pressure to choose and get both

3. You get one but regret not buying the other

Now, we wanna save you the trouble of sulking to this overwhelming dilemma when you wanna buy your next Airdopes.

So, here we are, bringing two of our bestselling Airdopes neck to neck:

Battery Backup

Your choice of battery backup depends on your storage.

While Airdopes 131 has a battery backup fit for music lovers, at 12 hours, Airdopes 441 has a battery backup of 20 hours being suitable for travellers.



Sound Quality

Now, the basic requirement of any audio wear would always be good sound. For this, both Airdopes 131 & Airdopes 441 will prove to be the best choice. The Airdopes are equipped with boAt Signature Sound and are known for the thrilling bass.



Resistance To Water

Another important feature of the product has to be the IP rating. What this determines is the resistance your Airdopes will have towards water. While Airdopes 131 does not have any specific IP rating, Airdopes 441 has an IPX7 rating. So this is more fit for adventurous people. 



Specific Feature

Airdopes 441 are specifically made to suit the needs of fitness and travel enthusiasts. The ergonomic fit makes sure that the Airdopes don't fall from the ear while working out or climbing the mountain. 

Airdopes 131, on the other hand, are made for Music lovers, equipped with dynamic drivers. It's built with great aesthetic and ergonomic value.



Carry Case Charge

It is obvious that Airdopes will come with a carry case, isn't it? Airdopes 131 comes with a 650mAh pocket-friendly charging case, whereas Airdopes 441 has a 500mAh case. Both the charging cases vary in capacity, depending upon the battery of the Airdopes.

So, boAtheads, hope we cleared the confusion?

Now go buy the best selling Airdopes as a gift to your loved ones!

November 20, 2021

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