Do What Floats Your boAt: Stirring up the world, the Gen-Z way

You are not the cause, you are the effect!

Amidst a colossal heap of mismatched values and generational tension, Gen-Z has been trying, and trying hard, to become its own voice. From the age of ‘hard workers’, ‘multi-taskers’, ‘balance seekers’ to ‘social media generation’, ‘easy grabbers’, ‘entitled slackers’, this generation has taken the brunt of ill-perception, scrutiny, and judgements. Often misconstrued, the generation has seen the widening generational gap leave cultural voids, and what rises out of these voids?

Passions. Movements. Expressions. New-Age Revolutions. And that’s the only way Gen-Z likes to have it. They choose change. They love to create. They lead the hustle. They don’t follow, they make their own way, not to a destination, but towards a journey. A journey towards self, a journey of exploration, a journey across the roads less taken, a journey that inspires the world and makes way for stories waiting to be revered.



From Skateboarding to gaming, graffiti to doodling, creating new street trends to creating viral dance reels, the generation has passion and fire in abundance. After all, they are anything but passive. They want to drive the change they want to see in the world. They have come far and all they want is to sit up, shake their surroundings, and let the world take notice. On their behalf, we, as a leading youth brand, want to fuel their passion, voice their vibe, and offer a space where they can express and hustle on! 

For the hustlers, the troublemakers, the change makers, we only have one message - No matter what you do and what they say, remember to always #DoWhatFloatsYourboAt


Your unapologetic ambition is your armour.

Your individuality is your innovation.

Your fearlessness is your fire.


Together, we can become one voice, one purpose, and one movement. If you dare to walk the streets aloud, we dare to rhyme with you. If you dare to refuse the herd, we dare to help you keep going the other way. 


You take the leap, we will take the risk. 

Are you ready to #DoWhatFloatsYourboAt?

December 22, 2021

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