boAt Wave Connect Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch - #StayConnected

It is not just the weather that is bringing the heat. Our scorching new Bluetooth calling smartwatch – boAt Wave Connect – is in town and ready to make you #StayConnected.

Bluetooth Calling and Six More Killer Features of boAt Wave Connect: Our Best Calling Smartwatch

Hey, boAtheads! Feel the mercury rising? Truth be told, it is not just the weather that is bringing the heat. Our scorching new Bluetooth calling smartwatch – boAt Wave Connect – is in town, ready to make you #StayConnected!

But what’s different this time, you ask? Good question. But here’s a counter-question: what all do you think can your favourite smartwatch do? Look better? Track better? Be more responsive? Have a bigger battery life? Sweet. This is where boAt Wave Connect challenges you to rethink what all a smartwatch can do...starting with its truly extraordinary bluetooth calling function

But that is not all. To truly make your everyday hustle hit the roof, our first-ever smartwatch with call function goes beyond the conventional to offer you seven slick features. And now that this watch has freed our hands from the burden of calls, we cannot help but gesture wildly as we talk about each feature in all its blazing glory...

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Wave Connect | Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  1. The 🤙🏽 Feature: Call Me By Your Name Wrist | Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

We all have moments when our hands are tied up momentarily: multi-tasking at work, riddled with bags on a shopping spree, having name it. Taking a call on the phone with hand while doing it all can be quite the task, as would be to walk around with your Bluetooth earbuds always jamming your ears. 

Thankfully, here’s a Bluetooth calling smartwatch that gives a new meaning to handsfree. 

boAt Wave Connect comes power-packed with a one-of-its-kind smart watch calling feature, made possible by a built-in premium speaker and a microphone. Hey, now you can enjoy chatting to your best mates, giving a call to your family, attending work calls, or dialling up that number for dinner reservations...all from your calling feature smartwatch! Pull up the dialler or simply tap on the screen to receive the call – manage all your calls with utter clarity right from your wrist!

  1. The ✋🏼 Feature: Your Voice is My Command

Now, with an in-built premium speaker inside our Wave Connect smartwatch with call function, it would be a shame if we don’t let your voice take control. Utter a few words to Wave Connect, and Google or Siri voice assistants would be replying back to you within seconds! Give voice to your desire – whether you want the latest updates on shopping, weather, news, etc., - and enjoy the convenience of your favourite voice assistant in better quality than ever!

  1. The 🤌🏽 Feature: So Many Faces, So Many Styles

The best calling smartwatch around does not like to mess about with your style. If you’re a sucker for #OOTD and keeping your vibe fresh at all times, then boAt Wave Connect will not disappoint. The Bluetooth calling smartwatch packs a punch with more than 100 watch faces that you can download and set from the cloud. From the loud and proud, to tropical and colourful, to minimal and chic, to neon-heavy and futuristic – make the most of your watch face to match with your outfit and your setting. Well, that’s just the inside. On the outside, boAt Wave Connect oozes class with its elegant craftsmanship and premium metallic design that is as trendy as it is sturdy.  

Wave Connect | Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  1. The 👍🏽 Feature: Always On For You

Putting on a display comes quite naturally to the boAt Wave Connect smartwatch with call function. Say hello to a captivating 1.69 inches AMOLED Display with 454x454 resolution for a user experience that is as vivid as your vibe. The best bit? It is an Always-On AMOLED Display that rocks your wrist throughout the day and is always ready to enter work mode – whether you want to make a call, track your sleep, never miss a smart update or notification, or enter into sports mode!

Wave Connect | Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  1. The 💪🏽 Feature: Get Fit Quick

Speaking of sports mode, boAt Wave Connect lets you dial up your fitness to the maxxxx! Gain access to the exclusive Crest App Health Ecosystem – designed to put you on your way to a healthier, sportier, fitter lifestyle. Whether you want to create custom fitness plans, discover fitness buddies, onboard your own wellness crew, keep a track on your daily activity or the sports you love to play via multiple modes – boAt Wave Connect makes it all a seamless, exhilarating experience!

  1. The 👌🏼 Feature: Gotta Track’Em All

Want to learn the secrets of your sleep patterns? Yup, consider it done with Wave Connect’s smart Sleep Monitoring. This calling feature smartwatch knows that optimum amount of sleep can help you ace your mood and productivity. Hence, it loves to track light and deep sleep patterns to present you with accurate and fascinating insights. But that’s not all. Never dial ‘S’ for ‘stress’ with boAt Wave Connect – thanks to its supreme SPO2, Heart Rate and Stress Monitoring features.   

Wave Connect | Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  1. The 👊🏽 Feature: Built to Last

For a smartwatch with calling feature that does so much, surely it must be draining on the battery, right? WRONG! boAt Wave Connect is designed to last for a long, long time – up to 48 hours with smart watch calling function ON at all times! And when you switch it off, expect the watch to go the distance – up to 7 days on a single charge! Thankfully, when it comes to durability, 7 days is not a number the boAt Wave Connect sticks to. Its high-quality construction, coupled with IP68 dust, sweat and splash resistance will let you embrace your adventurous side with ease.


When life gives a Bluetooth calling smartwatch...make it a boAt Wave Connect and grab it with both hands. We for sure are gonna do that. How about you? 🫶🏽