Customising Your Smartwatch For Your Every Requirement

Customising Your Smartwatch For Your Every Requirement

The smartwatch is a versatile, all-in-one accessory that can elevate not just your personal style but your entire lifestyle. This marvel of technology has come a long way. It is more than a tool that tells time. With the latest tech-enabled features, especially smartwatch faces, the device doubles up as a fitness tracker; health monitor; phone to make and receive calls; device to check and reply to messages and even emails; alarm clock, stopwatch, an timer; and even a GPS-enabled mini-map for finding your way around.
The list goes on and certainly makes the device seem like the ultimate must-have tech accessory. Many smartwatches, like those offered by boAt, also offer the facility of customising the watch face to add extra layers of versatility, allowing you to create your own style to match your persona, mood or need. Let’s talk about that some more.

What Are Custom Smartwatch Faces?

The concept of custom watch faces is quite simple – you can change the look of your smartwatch by changing the dial, i.e., the watch face background. Think of it like changing the wallpaper of your smartphone. But when you choose boAt, there’s more; besides changing the watch face wallpaper you can set a preferred colour palette, add functional or informative widgets and more.

Why it’s the Ultimate Tech Accessory?

Smartwatches by boAt go the extra mile when it comes to customisation by providing some of the best watch faces that you can personalise, basis your wants or needs. These offer multiple benefits in various scenarios.

Matching Your Watch Face To Your Fashion Sense

Ethnic, western, Indo-western, traditional, whatever your wardrobe choice, your boAt smartwatch can match it. Right from the colour patterns of the watch face background to go with your mood and your outfit, along with a quick change of the strap to bring it all together, a boAt smartwatch can add that necessary touch of glam to your look. Choose from prints, shapes, a wide colour palette, and even funky smartwatch faces to create the perfect look that matches your taste, outfit, and occasion.

Monitoring Your Well-being

Whether you’re consuming enough water or walking enough every day, the smartwatch helps you keep away from slipping into a sedentary lifestyle. This is where your boAt smartwatch can lend a helping hand. Aside from using the stand-alone features, by customising your current watch face to include various tracking widgets like step counts, calorie tracker, heart rate, etc., it’s just a matter of raising your hand to get a readout of your current progress. Not only does the device track your sleep cycles and provides updates on your REM and deep sleep, but it also monitors your stress levels and checks blood oxygen.

Being Your Workout Buddy

The activity tracker on your boAt smartwatch makes the perfect gym buddy. It has several sports modes for a variety of activities. Every workout, from walking and running to climbing, lifting weights, cycling, etc., can be tracked. All you got to do is gear up with your watch and go work out. You can also take your boAt smartwatch for a swim and monitor your laps. Set up a smartwatch face with sports widgets to monitor your workout, and you’re ready to start.

Keeping Work On Track

A smartwatch can make your work-life easier with alerts, notifications, and meeting/event reminders right on your wrist. You can set reminders to pop up on your smartphone watch face, and take or hang up on calls without ever looking at your phone. Choose a watch face that lets messages like emails, WhatsApp or social media messages, or even missed call alerts be highlighted, and you’ll always be on top of things.

Being Your Travel Buddy

A smartwatch can come in very handy while travelling. Set up a dual dial as your smartwatch watch face, so you’ll always know the time back home and where you are. Some smartwatches also feature built-in GPS modules and mapping software that allows you to find your way around a place without using your phone.

Updating Your Smartwatch Face – The Process

With Watches powered by Crest+ OS, updating and customising your boAt smartwatch face is simple. You’ll need to download the boat Crest App on your smartphone, connect your smartwatch through Bluetooth and begin.

The app has a ‘Create Watch Face’ function under ‘Device Features.’ Click on it and check out the easy-to-follow tutorial. Start creating your personalised smartwatch face by choosing a background, colours, widgets, and where you wish to place them.

Widgets can be a handy way to personalise your watch’s home screen with readouts that you need. There are quite a few options to choose from, including time (digital or the analogue display format), date, heart rate, steps taken, distance covered, calories spent, and battery level.

Depending on how you use your boAt smartwatch, you can choose the widgets and even edit them to an extent.

It’s possible to design different watch faces for different looks, occasions, and outfits, situations or just pick some of the best watch faces from the extensive list of existing designs. Let your creativity run wild, save each creation under the ‘My Watch Faces’ option so you can use them whenever you like. Whatever your mood, you’ll have a watch face to go with it.

The Final Word 

The boAt smartwatch is a versatile piece of technology that makes life easier and complements “You”. Whether you’re dressing up for the office, relaxing at home, going out for a party, heading to the great outdoors or your nearest gym, your boAt smartwatch is more than a trendy accessory, it can be your best friend thanks to its many features and handy smartwatch faces.