boAt Xtend vs boAt Delta

Here’s a question: can you ever really compare Brooklyn Nine-Nine with The Office?

Okay, we hear your loud and unanimous declaration. Calm down, sheesh. 

We understand why you think so, and your points are valid. They’re both American sitcoms and thus qualify to be placed alongside for a fair debate. 

But wait, do they really need to be compared? Hear us out. 

Don’t you agree that both these gems, in their respective spaces and plots, are top-notch? Both sets of actors, comic writers, screenplay guys, and the entire crew did a fab job in pulling these laughter riots together? C’mon, we can never put Peralta’s immature yet utmost charming personality on a scale with Michael’s unfiltered humour and a penchant for fun. BOTH ARE EQUALLY AWESOME. 

But we agree that somewhere, your liking and favouritism boils down to preference, and nothing else. Like,


Which kinda humour suits you better? Peralta’s or Michael’s?

Which friendship do you enjoy more? Jake and Boyle or Michael and Dwight?

Who do you think is the cuter couple? Jake and Amy or Jim and Pam?

You got our point, right?


Similarly, when people ask us to compare two legends, boAt Xtend and boAt Delta, all we can do is to help them decide which one suits their needs more. Both are revolutionary smartwatches with state-of-the-art features that can not be compared. But as we said, we can definitely help you give a fair idea of which one’s the better pick for you. 

Let’s go.


boAt Xtend boAt Delta
Unique Feature Built-in Alexa 3D Hologram Interface
Watch Faces  50 watch faces 300+ watch faces
Screen Size 1.69’ complete capacitive LCD display Fully capacitive 1.3” touch display
IPX 5 ATM* IP68 Sweat, Splash, and Dust Resistance
Battery Time Up to 7-10 days Up to 7 days/Standby days 15-20

* Designed to keep the watch safe under 50 meters of water for 30 minutes.


Now, these are just some of the OP features that make them quite the OGs of fitness wearables. Besides these, both are strongly built, stylish, can endure sweat, dust and water, and also comes with multiple activity sports modes. 





What does that mean?

Well, the watch will track your movements and calories according to the exercise you choose to do. Tracking also reminds us that both the watches can keep track of your heart rate, blood oxygen, and monitor your sleep cycle. Not just this, they come with curated controls for music and camera to make your life easier.




What else? Oh! How can we forget to mention it! These smartwatches come with Guided Meditation and Do Not Disturb mode that helps you relax after a long day to give yourself a much-needed break without the chaos of the world. 

The unique color variants of these smartwatches will make you outshine everyone in the room while keeping your look subtle. 




You thought this was it? No, bud. There are so many more but we’re afraid we’ll exceed the word limit.


Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Here you go: boAt Xtend and boAt Delta.

Choose a smartwatch for a smarter you.

August 10, 2021

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