Best Games to Test Your Immortal Headphones With

Best Games to Test Your Immortal Headphones With

There was a time when you used to take work-from-home just to play your newest PlayStation/Xboxgame the entire day. There, we said it. Well, only true gamers will nod in agreement. If you find yourself nodding, then you, dear gamer, would be having the most amazing time of your life.

There was a time when you used to take work-from-home just to play your newest PlayStation/Xboxgame the entire day.

There, we said it. Well, only true gamers will nod in agreement. If you find yourself nodding (or forced into a mischievous chuckle), then you, dear gamer, would be having the most amazing time ofyour life, isn’t it? After all, it’s the undisputed era of work-from-home!

Anyway, we wonder, what is it that hooks us to video games? Is it the unreal graphics that arebecoming more life-like than ever? Is it the story that leaves our imagination tingled, or the sense of control that gives us a rush? What about games being an escape from loneliness and anxiety during the pandemic, and a way to connect with the outside world virtually? The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes – for the majority.

Then there are those who stan video games for their…immersive sound in gaming headphones! Rad, right?

Think about the atmospheric sound design and thematic background score of historical fiction, post-apocalyptic or futuristic video games made larger than life in your ears

Or the spine-tingling, creepy sound vibes in a horror-survival RPG that sometimes get so real, you instantly yank your headphones away (LOL!). How about the ominous tunes of wars and battles that instantly transport us into World Wars and medieval combat?

And if you’re into sport simulation games, then you would, too, agree that authentic-sounding stadium atmospheres are what makes video games and their enhanced gaming headphone sound the best things ever for you!

The good news is that boAt’s flashiest range of gaming headphones – Immortal – makes all these possible. And the better news is that we know exactly the video games you need to test your Immortal headphones – and their superpowered (with multiple combos), boss battle-ready sound.

Ready? Steady! Go:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

If you haven’t played the Uncharted series, you’re really missing out on not just a brilliant game but a complete cinematic experience. The game follows the journey of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, as he travels around the most exotic locations in the world in search of splendid fortunes. And at the heart of it is stunning sound, especially in Uncharted 4 that brings to life the flora and fauna on an island the game is centred on. From brushes with gravel and grass to sudden wind or the call of birds, everything will sound like adrenaline rush on your Immortal 1000D’s Channel Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos soundscapes!



Battlefield 5

If you’ve ever imagined what life would have been on a real battleground, then Battlefield 5 will shock you with its power-packed gunfire, bombs and assaults. From close shots to bullets flying over your head, this game sounds mad, challenging the Immortal 200D and 100D’s 50 mm drivers to keep up. And keep up they will, especially in multiplayer online games where you and your friends take up the arms. But you know what’s even better? Being able to communicate through the mic with other players and friends as you work together to strike out your mission. The Immortal gaming headphones are equipped with noise-isolating mics, enabling crystal-clear comms during in-game combats.




Ah, the iconic FIFA series by EA Sports. Does anyone do better when it comes to simulating the world’s most popular sport? One of FIFA’s claim to fame is its authentic match sounds – which go a step further in FIFA 21, bringing to life real stadium atmospheres, fan chants, the tussle between players, the rifling of the net when the goal goes in dizzying detail! We’re thinking the Immortal’s 360-degree audio experience would score a lot of goals with gamers here as they find themselves wondering whether they’re actually in the stadium or not! And the game’s got fantastic game tracks from some of the most popular global artists, giving you the dual pleasure of music and sport at the same time.




The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We have to add Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the list for sure! Not only is it one of the most perfectly-designed games, it also has dollops of folk music, medieval instruments, and the magical sounds of an ancient world. That sounds like the perfect recipe to test your Immortal gaming headphones to us!



Alien Isolation

The heart-rendering sounds that jump out suddenly and the grim, eerie atmospheric score are the soul of horror-survival games. This is where Alien Isolation triumphs, ghosting you on a dark, eerily silent space station as you attempt to investigate a mystery while avoiding terrifying aliens with blood-curdling shrieks and nerve-wracking slithering around you. Beware! Putting your Immortal gaming headset on while playing this game might be a petrifying experience unlike ever before.


So, boAt fam, what do you say? You game (not at the expense of your work-from-home, we hope!)? Take your pick from above and become the all-conquering hero in another world as you revel in the theatre-like sound experience of Immortal headphones.