It’s the 90s. You are home because school is shut for Independence Day. You’d usually sleep for longer hours on a holiday, but not today. Because today you’re excited. You dress up neat and await to wave the cute little Indian flag your father has already bought. While aggressively waving your precious flag with one hand, you firmly grab your father’s fingers with the other hand so he could take you to the various flag hoisting events nearby. The deep, echoing melody of “aye mere watan ke logon” sent chills of pride down your spine and filled your heart with warmth.

Those were the days. The days when the meaning of Freedom was limited to long strolls to flag hoisting events with your father, eating ‘choley bhature’ for breakfast, and feeling a sense of collective celebration. Our naive mind thought this was it, that’s what freedom is. 

But things are different now, aren’t they? It’s not the 90s anymore and the term freedom has a different meaning for everyone. So, today, our dear boAtheads, it’s time for you to take this ride one more time and think “what truly is freedom for you?” 

As we grew old, we realized that it is equally important to be free from within. To be free from the shackles that keeps you from taking the plunge. Freedom to do what you want. Freedom to not know what tomorrow will bring, and enjoy what today has to offer.

This Independence Day, hop on the boAt to liberation with us. You’ve delayed it for far too long already, and there’s no more time to waste.

It’s time to hoist the flag of acceptance in your heart and see it wave like a free bird. Let this day also be a testimony to your passion, your dreams, and the thing that keeps you up at night. And in this quest of yours, boAt is with you. 

Doesn’t this call for a celebration? After all, every step counts, no matter how small or big it is. 

Explore our Freedom sale and let your journey begin. Make your favorite tunes your go-to companions with audio wears that offer a surreal listening experience. 

Now, when you go out at night on a drive to see the city lit up in tricolors, you’ll have a wider smile than usual because your favorite music will sound crispier, sharper and better.

Until next time, boAthead.

Jai Hind.

August 15, 2021

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