Top 5 Earphones That's Light On Your Pocket

Top 5 Earphones That's Light On Your Pocket

"Hello!...hello?...hell…" HELL! We all know this feeling, don't we? The infinite loop of "hello, can you hear me?" Ugh. It's almost as terrifying as the squeaking noises when someone scratches the blackboard with their nails.

"Hello!...hello?...hell…" HELL! 

We all know this feeling, don't we? The infinite loop of "hello, can you hear me?" Ugh. It's almost as terrifying as the squeaking noises when someone scratches the blackboard with their nails. Oh, by the way, did you know the strong aversive feeling of near disgust that's triggered by nails scratching on a blackboard or similar ominous noises has a name to it? It's grima (you can thank us later).

But dang, you never thought these low on the budget earphones could make us suffer so much. You got them for their modest price but who knew it'd be such a compromise on quality? 

"But all the good ones are too expensive!"

Oh, are they? Pfffft.

Since we have been your genie in a bottle for quite some time, it's time we put you out of your misery here too.

Here is a list of the best earphones that are easy on your budget, curated especially for you. 

Why just for you, you ask? Well, you'll get your answer if you read on till the end. 😉

Stay Connected with BassHeads 220




First up in the series is our favourite - BassHeads 220. The polished metal best bass earphones are here to give you an unmatched experience. It's low on the budget, but high on performance. You won't be able to stop yourself from headbanging with its super extra bass. Moreover, its passive noise-cancellation ensures you have a hassle-free calling experience too. 

So, we ain't sure about you, but we gonna bag this one before it's too late.

BassHeads 172: Experience Performance With Style 



Another masterpiece on this list is  BassHeads 172. And we legit mean it when we call it a 'masterpiece' because it's designed by the master of Fashion herself! Yes, we are talking about Masaba, gang! So, along with its powerful 10mm drivers, BassHeads 172 also comes with the magic of Masaba. Now that's a combo we're all here for. So, flaunt your style like the Queens and Kings you are, and don't worry about managing it. Its tangle-free cable and integrated controls make for a seamless experience.


Stay Ahead In The Game With BassHeads 100



Who rules the world? Indians! 

Now, imagine a pair of Indian-made earphones, made just for the Indian audiophiles. Yes, that is what we're talking about. BassHeads 100 will steal your heart with its thunderous performance, just like people will steal glances at you for its breakthrough Hawk inspired design. You'll love your playlist 10x better with boAt Signature Sound and its powerful 10mm drivers. So, tap your feet, groove on the beats, and get drunk in your rhythm with its super extra bass. And all this comes at the most affordable price too.

Time to be super psyched and surprised, eh? Here, BassHeads 100.

Rock 'em With Rockerz 255



A'ight mate, we get it. You are looking for wireless bluetooth earphones. What's the worry? It is time for us to introduce your next listening partner, Rockerz 255!

Its massive 6HRS of uninterrupted playback time makes them just the right pick for your extended gaming sessions or long Monday meetings.

Not convinced yet? Well, Rockerz 255 comes with cVc noise cancellation. Simply put, you can now go on your important calls without a worry in the world. Do what you want to, whenever you want to, with its ergonomic and comfortable fit. At a steal price, Rockerz 255 delivers a supersonic performance nothing else would be able to match.

Indulge in Performance With Rockerz 333



Saving the best for the last, we present to you our showstopper - Rockerz 333. Relish your unique taste in music with these uniquely designed earphones. Powered with ASAP charge, you'd never have to wait to go on a musical bender anymore. 

Here's what Rockerz 333 is made of:

  • Uninterrupted mountainous playback up to 30HRS
  • boAt Signature Sound
  • Dual Pairing

And everything else that we cannot possibly list out here. Long story short, Rockerz 333 is your partner in crime if you enjoy delicious audio quality, gigantic playtime, and more!

Now, next time when someone tells you that every good thing is damn expensive, show them this blog and surprise them, just like we surprised you! 

Oh, yes! You still waiting on that answer, ain't you? 

Well, we curated this list especially for you because YOU are special to us. After all, you're from our 'family' called boAtheads, and if you're even remotely a fan of Vin Diesel and the Fast and Furious franchise like us, you know there's no greater thing than family. 😉

So, see you around. For now, rush and get your boAt home.