Fortnightly Feature: Top Blog Picks

What’s up, gang gang?

After what feels like a lifetime of writing blogs on topics you love, we thought it’s important to repurpose the ones we all love the most. After all, in a digital world that fetishises frequency over quality, it’s important we look back at our dearest creations and refuse to believe that they were valuable only when new. 

We heard the roaring call of our growing tribe of boAtheads for blogs that offer value, and we decided to start curating a list of our favourite blogs every fortnight. 

So, here’s our top 5 blog picks from the past fortnight. Enjoy!

3 Essential Reads to Find Comfort During a Pandemic


When the outside world we knew for so long turned on its head, posing great threat to our health and well-being, it’s important that we sit inside our homes until things are north. But.. that doesn’t mean we have to be devoid of all fun and fantasy. The blog maps the journey of book readers from the pre-pandemic times to today and shows us how we all still find comfort in the heavenly abode of literature during today’s desolate times. What’s the highlight? Oh, the blog also features a curated list of three feel-good books you can pick up when you could use some warmth.

Best Games to Test Your Immortal Headphones With


This one’s for you gamer lads. The ones who’ve lived through it all: the golden age of PC games in the late 2000s to today’s hyper-realistic, immersive audio-based games. The ones who used to look for excuses to stay back home for a long gaming bender. This blog talks to you about boAt’s new range of gaming headphones that offer a life-like gaming experience and features a list of top games that you can test them out with.

5 All Season Tips to Maintain Your Beard Styles


When our Misfit team gives us tips about grooming, we listen. And we bring this plethora of grooming tips and wisdom for you guys in this listicle. We know how quickly our slick, well-trimmed beards can turn tough, stoic and rugged, with no sense of shape and style. But no matter what season it is or how far you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of ungroomed habits, our five all-season tips will help you carry a neat beard all year long.

Why Do I Feel Exhausted? Mental Pressure and the Pandemic



If two years ago you’d have told us that we might have to stay locked inside our homes for some 18 months straight, we would have broken into laughter and dismissed this stupid thought as a tasteless joke. Who knew, right? When the world’s hit by a pandemic of this kind and scale, nobody is expected to be at their best selves. Besides putting us behind closed doors, this health crisis has also taken a huge toll on our mental well-being. After all, who’s habitual of dealing with a pandemic, right? This blog discusses why we’ve been feeling mental fatigue setting in lately and how you’re not alone in this fight.

The Official boAthead's Vocabulary



Last in the list is something we did for our community of awesome. Yes, we’re talking about you boAtheads. Now, the world knows about the power and unity of our tribe, but we wanted to make each and every one of us feel closer to each other. That’s where the Official boAthead’s Vocabulary came in: words that transcend the world of speech and language, to find a part into the lifestyle of boAtheads. 

We hope you like these blogs as much as we do. Give us a holler on our Instagram if you like this series, we could use some morale boost too. 

Until then, adios amigos.

August 18, 2021

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