Debunking Top 4 Gaming Myths…Immortal Style!

‘Oh, you’re a gamer! How old are you, really?’

‘Will you keep playing video games all your life, or will you do something meaningful for a change?’

‘Video games? Huh! That’s not a real sport!’

Any of these sound vaguely familiar to you, boAt fam? Well, can’t say we are surprised. 

For long (even today, if we’re being honest), video gaming – be it on your trusted old PlayStation or on your shiny new smartphone – has been looked down upon in India. Usually by our elders or colleagues or better halves (LOL!). Remember those days back when we used to sneakily play Contra and Mario on those vintage cassette games, and our parents would sigh in disappointment?  For most of them, ‘All work and no video games make my boy better than Sharma ji’s boy!’ has always been a go to motto!

But we’re here to tell you that gaming is not a waste of time (as long as you’re not losing your sleep over it, c’mon!). In fact, it’s a hobby that takes considerable effort to master and is rich in rewards – both for your mind and sometimes, even your pocket! The gaming industry is booming worldwide (it’s even bigger than music and movies put together, if you’re wondering!), so much so that we were excited to launch our own pair of gaming headsets – the boAt Immortal series. 

Today, these Immortal headsets are itching to debunk a few gaming myths prevalent in India, so that next time someone questions your passion, you can use this blog as the perfect ammo for a headshot! Someone, please turn up the volume…


1. Gaming is harmful for children

Pfft…what century are we living in? Our Immortal headphones’s 50 mm drivers nearly stopped working, you know? Many studies and researches have already proved that gaming is in fact beneficial for advancement of critical reasoning, problem-solving and reflex action skills for children. In fact, many schools and colleges today, even MNCs and organizations, are using gaming as an educational and training tool. Of course, too much of something is harmful – so as long as children are not overdoing it, let them game!


2. Gaming leads to isolation and is a sign of depression

Now, this myth carries no weight at all. In fact, our Immortal headset says that this myth is even more lightweight than it is. Who says gaming is restricted to individuals who have nothing to do all day and are trapped within the four walls of their home? In fact, gaming has been one of the most important things in our lives since the pandemic began – bringing together loved ones and enabling us to develop new friendships. The rise of multiplayer online gaming is as social an activity can get!


3. Women do not indulge in gaming

Wow! Such a myth is sure to raise red flags (and set the Immortal headset’s RGB lights into frenzy!) in the times we are living right now. Women love gaming – so many of them! According to Innmobi’s mobile gaming report in 2021, a whopping 43% Indian gamers are female. Gaming has nothing to do with gender or identity. Like any sport, it is a wonderful activity that brings joy, happiness and friendships to anyone who has fallen in love with it, no cap.


4. Gaming cannot be a serious profession

If that’s all the surround sound around you when you discuss your ambitions of becoming a pro gamer, then you seriously need to switch to something that sounds better (like the sound of the stadium erupting on your Immortal headset on FIFA?). Pro gaming worldwide, such as the rise of esports, has become a lucrative profession where the best gamers can bring home not just huge prize money but also fame and respect. As one of the biggest entertainment industries, gaming also has its own share of career prospects: designers, storytellers, artists, animators, writers, coders, programmers, software developers, audio artists…the list is never-ending. 

Phew! Can’t believe people still pay heed to these myths! But not you, boAt fam, right? Right! So, keep gaming, and keep annoying those who do not understand this utterly insane culture of cool (meanwhile ‘yours truly’ shuts the laptop and puts Immortal headsets for a much-awaited round of PUBG). 

August 20, 2021

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