Rakshabandhan 2021: Celebrating the Goofiest Bond in the World

Admit it, the sis-bro bond hits different! No, not because the two make for a lovely pair of siblings…but because of the goofiness they bring into each other’s lives.

Remember those days when you were still a cribbing school-going pair of siblings fighting over every single thing, but then making up at the drop of a hat? Or, growing up, you would fight on whose friends to bring over when home alone? And then, once every year, you would be your best- behaved selves, strengthening your bond with a dope string we call Rakhi, mouth-watering sweets
and, of course, gifts! 

Well, for Indian siblings, Rakhi was indeed like Christmas! Now, as the festive season returns with Rakshabandhan this weekend, let’s take you down the memory lane of what makes the sis-bro love the goofiest bond in the world (Bonus: Might even help you decide on a great Rakhi gift, if you haven’t!).

Everything’s fair in love and video games!

How many times were you duped by your elder sibling while playing video games wherein you thought you were also having a gala time on your controller…only to realise that it wasn’t connected in the first place? How easy it was to fool younger siblings back in childhood, ha! If you and your sibling still enjoy a round or two of video games, then boAt’s Immortal gaming headphones are sure to elevate your experience to the next level. Sounds like a cooooool gift to us!

Let me doll you up!

Almost 90% sisters give their brothers a glam makeover once in their lifetime. Why does this made- up stat sound true? C’mon, when it comes to fashion, sisters have always taken the lead, and no one is a better lab rat for their countless experiments than their own brothers. Perhaps keep that spirit of being the fashionable sibling alive by gifting your brother a Misfit T200 Grooming Kit. After all, he needs to keep up in the race (wink!).


Mummy’s spy!

In grown-up talk, blackmail is a very serious offence. But as kids, that was surely our most potent weapon against our siblings? Surely there were times in your childhood when you broke something or lost something, and your sibling leveraged that situation for his/her gain. ‘Let me have your ice- cream or I’ll tell mummy what you did that day!’ Sigh, what a loudmouth! Time to remind them of how loud they were with the loud as thunder boAt Stone speaker.

The Knight Lady!

A smart sister who loved showing the world who’s boss? Hell yes – even if it meant getting you in a spot of bother! From shielding you from bullies on the school bus to monitoring you strictly during homework time to deliberately letting you finish your ice-cream first so that she could tease you later on, she has always been one step ahead of the competition. And today, she is your biggest inspiration. Perhaps only the dashing TRebel Rockerz 450 or a boAt Watch Xtend is smart enough to match her zeal and wits!

Sssh…that’s our secret!

But then, our siblings have always been our best confidants and there’s no one in the world with whom we would rather share our deepest secrets! You had a crush on someone? Well, your sibling was the first to know! You didn’t want to tell your parents about the Parent-Teacher Meeting? Your sibling would pretend like it never existed. No leakage of secrets, just like no leakage of music from the noise-cancelling Airdopes.

Ah, the good ol’ days! One thing is for sure…when it comes to the brother-sister relationship, no one’s ever gonna rock this boAt. Long may it continue!

On that note, we wish the entire boAt fam a very Happy Rakshabandhan. May you unlock your sibling’s smile and unwrap great presents this weekend!

August 22, 2021

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