Top Gadgets Every Music Lover Should Own

Is this our favourite gang that we see?

Oh yes!

Ahoy boAtheads!

Been a while since we tickled your curiosity bug, hasn't it?

But worry not, today is going to be just about that.

If anyone asks us "what is the one thing you cannot go without all day?" 

Do you know what our reply would be?

The one thing that truly speaks to our soul.

Which makes our feet tap to the tunes as we hum along, singing notes to our hearts' content.

Yes, our intellectual boAtheads.

Our answer will be, "music."

Now, just like the common love that we have for music, we thought why not share the perfect gadgets for it too? 

How amazing would it be to dance to the tunes of our mood while being in sync?

So, we did what we do best.

Curated a list of music essentials.

Sit Back And Relax With Aavante!



As a music lover, what would be our ideal situation?

Let us take a wild guess. You are relaxing on the recliner after a long day of work. By pressing one button, music suddenly pours in from all sides of the room. You forget about the day's work and the stress that engulfs you. Rather, you give yourself in and enjoy the experience of theatre at home. How can this be possible? With home theatres that give you a dynamic performance.

The Aavante Soundbars will not only give you the best musical experience but also enhance your room interiors with its sleek and stylishly built.

Roar With Katy Perry On The Go



Ever heard such crisp audio that you weren’t just listening to it anymore?

You felt it in every pulse and got transcended to a parallel world? Well, we know too how it feels and boy, do we not crave for it all the time! While jolting between stations on a bustling metro, you really just want to plug in and forget the world for a while. In crowded streets and public places, music comes to our rescue. We plug-in the earbuds and have a little party with ourselves.





It is extremely important to have high quality earbuds to enjoy your moment to the fullest.

So, plug-in the awesome airdopes, and be on the go without worries!

Party Anywhere And Everywhere



Blast the powerful bass anytime and anywhere with the portable speakers of your choice.

Get set, going with your favorite music blaring through your classy speakers as your groove on the tunes with your OG gang.

Speakers are a boon for music lovers. Being handy, you can carry them with you wherever you please. Listening to your favorite tunes on a mountain peak where there is just music and you? Yes, it is possible.





Sitting on the beach with your beloved human and getting immersed in the moment with music playing in the background? With portable speakers, everything is possible!

So yes, speakers are an essential for music lovers.

Be In Charge Of The Melodies



Last in the list of essentials for music lovers is something we consider extremely important.

We are sure there must’ve been a point in your life when you wanted to skip a song, but the remote was too far? Now you sat there contemplating “to do or not to do?” 

Well, let us put a full stop to this. What if we tell you that now you can control music by your wrist? Don’t believe us? Well, with our smartwatches, you can control your tunes and rightly so!

The easy integrated controls make it possible to change music right off your wrist!

Phew! It is time for us to take a little break.

We will be back after brainstorming another blog for you. Till then, make sure you don’t miss out on the essentials!

See you soon, sailors!

August 25, 2021

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