Anyone can become a boss, but it takes a lot to be a leader. A leader, as the name might already suggest, leads by example. He acknowledges his shortcomings and tries to overcome them instead of covering them up. 

In Titanic, do you remember how the captain saved everyone else first without caring about his own life? Now, that is a leader.


So, dear readers, we know what you must be wondering about.

Why are we writing about leadership instead of our regular passion or product blogs?

Well, as much as you need to know about game-changing products, it is equally important to learn how to be a game-changer.

So, without further ado, let’s add some lifelong value to your lives.


Empathize And Sympathize

Empathy and sympathy are the two most important human traits that a person must have. It is important to acknowledge that the people working for you have a life outside of the workspace. Being the leader of the tribe, you need to assist your co-workers whenever you feel they need it. If they are visibly distraught and cannot concentrate on their work, give them a break. Be their support and amigo. 



Lead, By Example 



Ask yourself, what would make you want to work more? A boss ordering and commanding for you to finish the tasks, or a boss getting things done with you? To make people work efficiently, it is important for you to blend in and be a part of the tribe. Do work alongside your team. Be a teammate before being anything else and see what magic it spills for you!

Listen And Communicate



Communication is the key to any relationship. Whether personal or professional, one has to communicate in order to function effectively. A leader not only communicates better but also keeps his ears open. Feedbacks, problems, anything that the people have to voice, leaders listen, accept, and work on creating solutions. 


Be The Strength Of The Team



One of the immensely important roles to play as a leader is to be the backbone of your team. Your people shouldn’t be afraid to come and tell you about a blunder. Be their motivation to do great work. You need to be the shield protecting them and their headspace while providing a safe environment for them to work in. Be the push they need to shape their lives.

Don’t Reject. Collaborate and Create



It isn’t always necessary to have like-minded people working with you in the team. This particularly becomes a task at the time of ideation. Different minds have different thoughts. What we need to realize is that no perspective is wrong or small. You need to work around the perspective of the ideas and come on common ground. You see, no idea is not worth considering. Sometimes, all it needs is just better planning!

These were our two cents on how to better the qualities of a leader.

As part of one single tribe, we want our boAtheads to rule the world with kindness and all things awesome. Like a true leader.

We will see you soon,

Until then, ciao tribe.

August 29, 2021

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