The Official boAthead's Vocabulary (R-Z)

Sup’, bestiesss?

This has been one fun ride, hasn’t it? Sharing the lingo we proudly wear on our sleeves has really brought us closer to you. So, while the series might be ending, our bond is growing stronger. 

But before you jump right into the last edition of boAt’s official vocabulary, don’t you wanna brush what you have learnt until now? We know you wanna.

Here’s part 1 and 2.

Okay, now that you’re all set and ready, here’s the last set of words you should own as a boAthead.









Wohooo. You’ve earned an OG boAthead batch for learning all the words of the official boAthead’s vocabulary. So go on, give those words life by using it in real conversations, both online and offline.

Hasta la vista, amigos!

August 03, 2021

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