The Official boAthead's Vocabulary (J-Q)

Hola Amigos! 

Do you remember our boAthead dictionary Edition #1 that brought you closer to the tribe by teaching you the lingo we thrive on? Well, we decided that today is a beautiful day to share its second part with our tribe! 

One day, a bunch of us were out to work from a cute little eatery. Like the true boAtheads we are, we were donning all things boAt. But guess what? We were not the only boAtheads there. A group of folks sitting on the table left to us was giving us great vibes, and we noticed they were all in boAt colours too. The connection felt so real. Both the groups didn’t take long to acknowledge our belongingness to the same tribe and happily exchanged smiles in camaraderie.

No other gang is as cool as this one. Are we right or are we absofrigginlutely right? 

Now, since every family has a lingo of their own that brings them closer, how could we stay behind? 

Let’s dive head first into the official boAtheads vocabulary, edition #2. 










Well, well, well, so what did we learn today, eh? Life is too short to shy away from being cool. It is time for you to ‘leggo’ and keep ‘jammin’ to the tunes of your mood, playing on your favorite boAt products. After all, this is one boAt big enough for all of us to sail together. So, let’s fam up with the people who match our vibe.

We're gonna take your leave now, fam. But before we go, remember: The tribe that vibes together, sticks together! 

July 28, 2021

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