5 All-Season Tips To Maintain Your Beard Styles

“Are you a summer or winter person?”

This is probably the most divisive question apart from the classic: “Are you a FRIENDS fan or The Office fan?” and believe us, a lot of friendships depend on the answer. 

Well, whether you are a Summer baby or a Winter Panda, one thing that shines through all the seasons is taking care of yourself. Now, all the handsome guys reading, answer us this - when was the last time you groomed yourself?

Oh, don’t look here and there. We are talking to you, yes you! Regular grooming is for everyone. So pick up your Misfit and get ready to read our top grooming tips that can make your beard look slick all around the year.

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Let’s dive in.

Let Them Get Hooked On Your Look



Let them gaze at your well-defined stubble, with cuts as sharp as a knife! The first and foremost thing to make sure of is that you choose the perfect length size. Misfit offers you a varied range of lengths for you to choose from. Hence, select a fixed length comb for trimming. Define your beard shape and prep that beautiful face with defined lines and a salon finish cut! 

Essential Oils Are Very Essential



No, beauty products are not just for women, please. Essential oils are extremely important for your beard and your skin. The more you keep it moisturized, the better will it be for you. Oiling and scrubbing the beard will keep it dirt free, saving you from hair loss. Not only this, oiling also renders your beard itch free! 

Handle Them Handlebars



Flaunt the royal yet rough look as you nail the handlebars. This distinctive facial feature surely needs maintenance. Use the Misfit trimmers to shape your beard and moustache in the desired way. Maintaining this style can be a painful procedure, but with Misfit, everything is possible!

Just remember to brush out the debris and wax residue with a brush. While you are using the Misfit trimmer, set the range accordingly and make sure you don’t disturb the skin beneath the hair. 

The Condition Is To Condition! 



For the love of God, don’t tell us you didn’t know beard conditioners exist! Okay, well, we all learn something new every day, so let this be your learning today. Yes, beard conditioners exist and are pretty common too. What do they do? They restore the moisture of your dry and brittle beard hair, keeping them smooth, shiny, and easily manageable. So, if you ask us, we’d say that Misfit and beard conditioners are a hit!

We Fully Stan Your Full Beard!



But, but, but… we also need you to understand that FULL BEARD SLOPPY BEARD!

What we mean is, for a full beard growth you need to be slightly (read utterly) cautious and caring. Give your full beard a proper shape and trim off the cheek hair with your grooming partner, Misfit, to look clean and dashing. Also, don’t forget to keep your beard moisturized and well kept, for taking care of oneself does not belong to a particular gender.

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See you later, fam.

July 28, 2021

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