Flaunt New Beard Styles With Misfit T200 Grooming Kit

Flaunt New Beard Styles With Misfit T200 Grooming Kit

It’s time to step up your game as the best trimmer for men is finally here! 
And if you are confused about which beard style you should be trying out next, then we have curated the perfect list for you to help find your style

Dear Men!

It’s time to step up your game as the best trimmer for men is finally here! 
And if you are confused about which beard style you should be trying out next, then we have curated the perfect list for you to help find your style:

Stubble beard 

Bend(read Beard) it like Beckham
Keep it short.. But keep it sexy..



This type of beard is the shortest of the beard styles discussed in this list. Additionally, it is also the easiest to maintain and pull off.  It takes anywhere from just one day to two weeks to grow in, depending on how fast your beard grows.

It is a great option for men who can’t grow a thick beard because the short length perfectly disguises any barren patches. This is also a great option for you if you don’t want to commit to growing out a full beard.

Especially, if your hair is short, stubble is failsafe – it particularly complements shorter hairstyles and gives an overall balanced look.

You can maintain this look by using a facial hair trimmer. Since this style is so short, shaving the cheek and neckline is totally optional.

Chin Strap

Get inspired by our favorite Avenger: Iron Man
Unleash the superhero inside you with this super classy and easy to maintain beard look.



This kind of beard comes under the category of short beards.
It connects your beard to your hair and gives a circular effect. It is achieved when the facial hair starts from one side of the face and runs down across the jaw to end up on the other side.

While getting a perfect chin strap style requires proper grooming of the facial hair, regular trimming is also a factor that helps in the maintenance of the chin strap style.

Mutton Chops

Kill it like The Wolverine

It’s bold, makes you look rugged and definitely gives you an edge! You will look like an absolute badass with this style! The classic Wolverine beard is a combination of thick, full beard growth and mutton chops without the mustache.



The Mutton chops style of beard is actually a fancier term for longer sideburns that are allowed to extend down to the corners of the mouth.

To grow Mutton Chops, a man should let his sideburns grow to the corner of his mouth freely.Then, he should terminate a part of the sideburns, creating an imaginary line defined at each corner of the mouth.The bottom edge of the sideburns should be clearly defined along the edge of the jawline.

Full beard

Turn on the heat like Kabir Singh
Shahid kapoor’s rowdiness made us all stop and pay attention to him, instantly!



In order to achieve his iconic beard style, you need to grow your beard hair and moustache for at least a few months
Since this beard is so long, you won’t need to trim your neckline.

Moisture is essential to keeping a full beard hydrated and healthy, so apply beard oil to your facial hair daily.

You’ll also want to keep your hair around the cheeks trimmed to keep this from looking too sloppy.


Be Stud-liscious like Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh’s look in Ram-Leela became an instant rage! His beard and overall style captured everybody’s attention.



However, growing this beard can be a pain (which is definitely worth enduring!) They can really irritate you until the time they reach the desired length. And  it really takes a lot of patience to resist yourself from trimming the moustache.

Circle beard

Ace it like Virat Kohli
Our Indian Cricket Caption is no less than a style setter!
His trendy looks have always been the talk of the town and this particular look definitely left our hearts beating!



In this style the mustache meets the jawline hair in a full circle is known as a circle beard.

Now that you have gone through our list of looks.. Allow us to introduce you to the perfect product which can help you achieve any of your desired looks.

Meet the best trimmer for men - Misfit T200 Grooming Kit


An aesthetically designed hair trimmer that makes it a must-have for every man!

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The lightweight design of the product allows you to carry it everywhere you go! The easy to use design enables you to seamlessly master any look!

The titanium blades glide against your skin smoothly and do not cause any damage to your skin. They are corrosion-resistant and stay strong for a long time. It offers up to 120 mins of cordless trimming with just 1 hour of charge. And just in case you forget to charge, and are in a hurry.. Then it also supports a cord!

This is indeed the best trimmer that you should be ordering right away!