#ThisFriendshipDay, Celebrate Your Tribe

Whether it’s a Starbucks coffee or that lip smacking pani-puri, you enjoy everything a lil’ more with your gang. When you see a meme that makes you laugh your wits out, you automatically share it with your tribe because you know they share an equally weird sense of humour. Even Psychology talks deeply about how people, or humans in general, have this need to build connections with other people over different interest points. It’s how we live and thrive.

We’re sure you must’ve already gotten an idea of why we’re being so extra today. 

It’s Friendship Day!!! And we're excited to have a word or two with our tribe. Because today is for celebrating the family you choose for yourself. Today is for your comrades, your amigos, and if we may take the liberty of being desi, today is for celebrating your yaar. 

It’s for the people who entered our lives and stole little pieces of our heart. Be it your chuddy buddies from school or your college gang who jammed with you on Altaf Raja when you were feeling emo. 

But do you remember the fun part of today? It’s the gifts and gestures!!! Don’t tell us you have forgotten about those cute little friendship bands that meant the world to us. The more bands you got, the more popular you were, right? Haha, good ol’ nostalgia. 

The gestures might have changed but the tradition of showing affection to your friends could never go out of style.


And for us, you guys are our friends. Our boAtheads. Our tribe. You guys have been with us through thick and thin, and helped us create a community of awesome. So we couldn’t help but be super pumped to give something back to you.

Behold, we bring to you a super sale to grab your favourite boAt picks at dirt cheap prices. So go on, buy your heart out. 



After all, what is friendship all about if not sharing joy and building a sense of togetherness?

So, hop on to the boAt of love and friendship, and don’t forget to invite your friends too.

August 01, 2021

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