3 Smartwatches Made For Today's Women

The world has only progressed with time. Now is the time we all strive to be equal. Today’s women are at the epitome in all facets of life and are paving the way for the next generation. These bold, ferocious, and talented ones with a whole lot of wild and rebel need a companion to support their hustle. And we’re here with just the right partners.

In today’s world, where you have to manage everything at a high pace, let us manage your worries and calories. You own the world and reach your goals while we root for you with our best of best smartwatches. 

Here are three smart watches built just for you, as a token of our love and appreciation.


Get Thunderous With Storm

While you run your errands and the world, the Storm watch will monitor your health. Often, we forget to take care of ourselves while being caught up with work. But with 8 active sports modes, Storm will sweep you off your feet and put you in the world of fitness.

Not just this, this smartwatch will end all your worries about remembering your monthly cycle date.


Well, Storm records your monthly date for you to keep you prepared beforehand. So, stock up the munchies and hot water bag, just at the right time!


Change Life With A Flash!

The Watch Flash is nothing but a charming accessory that keeps a track of everything. Basically, what we mean is, Flash is kinda too important for you to not have it. This smartwatch will be a partner that keeps an eye on you 24*7! 

So, doesn’t matter if you are working or sleeping, our dear women, the watch shall be watching and monitoring your sleep and heart rate too!


Extend Happiness With Xtend 

For the smart, fierce, intelligent, and go-getter women like you, we present the third and final watch, Xtend.

Xtend will be an add-on to your personality. Adding a pinch of sass and class, you can carry this watch in style for every meeting and even parties. A new age woman needs a new age watch, and trust us when we say, boAt Xtend has it all!

From perfect finish to in-built Alexa, this smartwatch is all you need.

Not just this, all three smartwatches offer guided meditation to keep you relaxed. They come with water resistance as well. 

So, don’t wait anymore for slaying it with your looks as you don the perfect wrist partner!

See you next time, Queens. 

October 13, 2021

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