Perfect Surprises For The Ones That Matter The Most

You are sitting on a rocking chair by the fireplace, ladened with a warm comforter. On one hand, you have a mug full of hot chocolate. A lavender candle is burning to its end as you comfortably flip the pages of your favorite book. There is nothing but peace and warmth.

This is Autumn for the world. And Festive Season for Indians.

This season is one full of surprises. The air around us changes. Everything becomes pleasant enough to warm our hearts with love and prosperity. You know what else brings this feeling? The festivals that make everything joyous. Dussehra marks the beginning of all our favorite festivals. This time we all want to give our loved ones something special, isn’t it? Something that tells them they are special. 

So let’s help you choose the right gift for your precious one.

Love Them To Xtend!

Want to tell your siblings and friends about the love you have for them? Do it by showing how much you care for their health. Gift them a smartwatch like boAt Xtend. Xtend is always a little extra, just like your love. The in-built Alexa will make everything a little easy. Your loved ones will always stay fit as this 1.69” capacitive touch display smartwatch comes with 14 active sports modes and monitors your health. 

Share Your Celebrations With Aavante 1800

Is it not a beautiful feeling when all your family comes together and taps their feet while grooving on all the 90s hits? When joy runs through all of you at the same time, the feeling is surreal. So, share the same moments while reliving the past ones with Aavante 1800. With surround sound, bring the feels of theatre home and dance to the tunes that match your bhangra moves!

Set The Party Right With Blitz 1500 

Surprise your friends by setting the vibe of your festival get-togethers! We all know that festivals hit different with our chosen family. Even if we are just chilling and playing cards, background music is a must! Set the mood juuuust right with Blitz 1500. It won’t just play music but also give you disco feels right at home! How? The RGB lights will light you up and make you go gaga. So, gift your close ones the vibe for life.

Make Music Your Love Language With Airdopes 141

I think we all will agree that dedicating a song is one true form of showing love. We tell the person that we think of them when these lyrics hit our ears and heart. Then why should you not give them something so that they can feel your emotions every time a song plays? Airdopes 141 will never let the vibes die. Not just an amazing sound quality with up to 42 hours of playback time, these Airdopes also add to your style with their unique build quality. So, don’t just dedicate melodies anymore, gift better audio.

Rockerz 255 Pro

Whatever gift you give to your precious ones implies how strong the bond is.

So why not give them the ergonomically built Rockerz 255 Pro that can endure any hardships and still stay intact, just like your bond. Not only this, Rockerz is a perfect gift because apart from the comfort, they offer cVc noise cancellation. So, let your precious one drown in their playlist and do justice to the music.

That is it for today, boAtheads. 

Now go and embrace the Autumn & Festive Season with a warm hug! 

October 18, 2021

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