This #FathersDay, Gift Him A Healthier Life With boAt’s Smartwatches

This #FathersDay, Gift Him A Healthier Life With boAt’s Smartwatches

Our first superhero, our oldest best friend, our confidante, and the one true mentor. The one who puts the wind under our wings and encourages us to fly high and beyond.

Our first superhero, our oldest best friend, our confidante, and the one true mentor. The one who puts the wind under our wings and encourages us to fly high and beyond.

Yes, today we’re celebrating fathers. 

We bet you the world, nothing can beat the selfless and unconditional love a father carries for his children. He cares, nourishes, and provides for our every need while compromising his own dreams and aspirations. He’ll invest all his effort in taking care of us but will often ignore taking care of his own!

Forgive us for being all teary and emo today, but what else do you expect of us? It’s Father’s Day today, and we want nothing but the best for our tender-hearted old (read: young) men. While there’s nothing we can do to match the kind of love and sacrifice he has casually bestowed upon us, we can still give him something meaningful. A gift of wellness! 

Stop screaming “but how, guys?” in your head. It’s simple. 

✨ A truly smart smartwatch! ✨

This cool and smart wearable will comfortably sit on your father’s wrist and make his life easier. It comes loaded with many health and fitness features which can monitor his daily activities. It will also help him to stay at the top of his health and motivate him to take good care of himself.

“But what are these features and how will they help my father’s overall wellness?”

Let’s dive into these features and get straight to business.

His Personal Fitness Assistant 🧘

His loving heart deserves a healthy body, and a healthy body starts with a strict routine. A smartwatch is of great help here. From counting steps and distance traveled to registering total calories, and monitoring heart rate 24x7 or beyond. A smartwatch can do it all! 

Today’s truly smart smartwatches also come with SpO2 and temperature monitoring features. The activity modes and the in-built GPS tracks various forms of activities and helps find the sweet spot for his daily fitness regime! 

Ciao Stress 👋

Our world today is pumping with stress, and being a father does not help. We can’t even begin to list the responsibilities that lie on their aging shoulders. From his work to family, there’s so much he has to take care of, and it’s possible that some days can get heavier than others.

A smartwatch not only takes care of your physical well-being but also takes care of your mental wellness. Many smartwatches come with stress level indicators and help you calm down with guided breathing. This helps in relaxing you down and further contributes to your holistic well-being. 

Complete Sleep Monitoring 🌃

We can’t emphasize the importance of a good night’s sleep enough. It replenishes our body and repairs it to take on the challenges of tomorrow. 

A smartwatch that provides complete sleep monitoring can be your perfect apology for all the sleepless nights you gave him as a kid. Remember the time when you were naive and too stubborn to not sleep before listening to a bedtime story! Oh god, what would we not give up now to relive one of those nights! :’)

Besides giving an overview of his sleep cycle, a decent smartwatch can also monitor his sleep patterns and provide essential insights, like how much quality sleep he’s getting, duration of deep, light, or REM sleep, and the number of times he wakes up at night. This information can be extremely helpful to correct and optimize one’s sleep experience.

Never Let Him Miss (your) Important Calls and Messages 📞

Has it ever happened to you that you call your father, but he doesn’t pick up? You wait for ten minutes and try again. No answer. This time you try thrice but still nothing. Poor you, sitting miles away from your dearest old man, starts getting anxious about his whereabouts and indulges in an overthinking bender.

C’mon guys! Just sync the smartwatch with his phone, and he will be able to answer your calls without even taking his phone out. It’s a blessing that’ll help you always stay connected with him.

Reminders To The Rescue 📆

If your father is forgetful, this is going to be a boon for him. How many times has he gotten himself into trouble by forgetting an important birthday or anniversary? 

Well, with a smartwatch on their wrist, all of this can come to an end. You can sync up their calendar and magic. All the important alarms, notifications, and reminders are now on his wrist! 

What’s more? Some smartwatches even come with smart reminders to drink water or walk around (if you have been stationary for long). Others also support a special feature called ‘Find My phone’, which comes in handy when he leaves his phone somewhere and can’t remember anymore. 

All of this (and, of course, more) adds convenience to his life! 

Well, now that we have explained why you should be getting him a smartwatch, let us interest you in some recommendations.

Here is boAt’s exquisite collection of stylish and powerful smartwatches that are packed with all the features we discussed + more. 

If his wholesome wellness is what matters to you, we’d say look no further. This Father’s Day, gift him a healthier and connected life.