boAt x Brut: World Music Day

boAt x Brut: World Music Day

Music is truly essential, right? It inspires and enlightens. It’s atmospheric and grande. It’s powerful and healing. It calms our chaos and quietens our sorrows. It’s intimate yet shareable.

Music is truly essential, right? It inspires and enlightens. It’s atmospheric and grande. It’s powerful and healing. It calms our chaos and quietens our sorrows. It’s intimate yet shareable. It’s a constant companion for many but a refuge for few. And today, we’re celebrating this bunch.

People who believe music to be a higher revelation than all wisdom and intellect. The ones who find comfort between the notes when the world seems desolate. The believers and the worshipers who see music as the medium to express what’s inexpressible and rekindle what’s extinguished.

At boAt, we stan artists who go over and beyond to make music not just a part of their life, but life itself. Today, on #WorldMusicDay, we’re celebrating the journey of three home-grown rock stars who’ve gone #BeyondMusic to put India’s name on global music charts: Diljit Dosanjh aka G.O.A.T, Raja Kumari, and Kartik Aryan. To capture and deliver their intriguing journey of becoming passionate and widely loved artists in the format you like the most, we have partnered with Brut India, the world’s leading bite-sized content platform.

The light-hearted series revolves around the indispensable contribution of music in their journey to glory, and how the meaning of music evolved for them over the years. It is an unfiltered exploration of the childhood triggers that pushed them towards music, how music influenced more than just one facet of their lives, the hurdles that they had to overcome, and the moments of glory that made everything worth it.

Okay, okay. We’ll stop the suspense and get to the good part already. I’m sure by now you’re just biting your nails in search of a link to watch these stories, eh? But wouldn’t you like to know a bit more about what you’re signing up for? We’ll do it without revealing too much.



Since you’re still reading, we’ll take that as an affirmation. So here’s a slight peak into the #BeyondMusic series, powered by boAt and Brut India.


A small-town boy who made the world go gaga over his Punjabi swag and magnetic charisma, Diljit Dosanjh is truly the G.O.A.T as his fans (read boAtheads) claim. In the film, we explore his humble roots from a small village in Punjab, the influence of music in his childhood years, and his heroic rise to fame in the world of music and cinema without any connections. Diljit doesn’t fail to charm you with his innocent wit and humour throughout the video.


The Queen of South Asian hip hop who is now the inspiration for many girls throughout the subcontinent to express their voice through this art form. Yes, we’re talking about Raja Kumari. The film traces her unique journey to glory, from growing up as an Indian-American to later dealing with an identity crisis and pursuing classical Carnatic music to emerging as one of the raddest Indian artists in the hip hop space. We are in awe of her unordinary journey, just like we’re in love with her eccentric music.


The young and versatile actor who’s proven his mettle every time, Kartik Aaryan is what we call the personification of a self-made man. The film takes us on a humbling ride that explores his younger years as a struggling actor and how music was a constant source of inspiration that kept him going, to some light-hearted moments like his adorable relationship with his mother, youthful years of college, first few auditions, and more.

We don’t know about you all, but we sure are max-hyped to binge all three films. Just head over to our Instagram and check out our IGTV (and while you’re there, go through all the other stuff too, pls?)

Also, did we say that the first two films of the series are already out?! Head over to boAt’s Instagram now!

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